Friday, August 30, 2013

Luau pics part 2

And the rest. . .(if you haven't read the first post scroll down!)

Hula Dancers teaching some moves..

Some of the men trying their hand at Poi Balls...Joe was AWESOME :)

 Dancing the evening away. Poor Joey. He got picked on again :)

Happy Birthday Wesley! Or "Happy Dirday Fesley!" in Ammon talk:)


 Me and two wonderful friends from highschool/singles, Anayansi and Cindy. So happy to see these ladies and their beautiful families! Love you gals!

Anayansi's daughter, Reagan, and Aubrey. They are buds for life :)

 And these are some of my favorites..the "after party" pics. Its basically a bunch of tired sugar crazy kids. And adults chillaxin. Oh, and some adults playing with poi balls(that would be me and my sister...)

 I love this picture so much because of the look on my sweet Grandmothers face...

Girlfriends hangin out and watching the stars

 My bros playing vball with my girls. It was fun to watch them.

Oh my goodness. Ammon looks crazy! LOL. I didn't even know where he was half the party...I would see him every now and then with cookies or candy and a smile. 

 Proud Daddy. Silly boy.

 Wesley and his Nana & Tata...

The End :)

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Tara D. said...

That picture of a crazed and tired Ammon has me laughing over here. :) So funny! And I totally love that picture of me, I look like a lunatic, hahaha. Good times. Thanks again Cyndi and Joe (and Angie too) for such a wonderful luau. It was amazing, as always. We appreciate you guys!!