Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One hundred smackers!

I gave the kids opportunities to work and make money over the summer. Little did I know how crazy into it Ella would get! She was a work-a-holic. She wanted to make some serious dough. And she did. She is our goal setter and once she sets a goal, she will do everything possible to achieve it. She set a goal to make 100 bucks and she did it. We were so proud of her! And I will also mention that half the time she did chores, it wasn't for money. She would get so wrapped up in working and just not want to stop! It made her happy to be productive and to help. She asked so many times, "Mom, what else can I do for you?" and let me just tell you those are some of the best words in the world for a Mom to hear! We had an awesome summer. The older kids helped me SO much with the younger ones that the thought of them going to school seriously makes me sad :( I will never forget this summer and how much they all helped, but especially Ella. She went above and beyond(especially with laundry...I called her the laundry queen:) I hate folding laundry and she has decided she loves it and took care of so much of it for me this summer. And with a smile. Bless her...congrats Ella on your big $100. You are gonna go far in life with your work ethic and desire to help others! Love you!

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Tara D. said...

Wow, good job Ella! Maybe I should hire you to come over during the holidays for some laundry folding fun! :)