Monday, August 19, 2013


Happy 1st Birthday Wesley!!! I can't believe my baby is one! Its been an amazing year with our little guy. I just love him so much and think he is the cutest sweetest baby ever(okay, well besides my other 4, they were all dang sweet and cute too:) He is doing so many cute and fun things-dancing, clapping, standing alone(he can stand for a long time without holding anything now!) and cruising along furniture, giving kisses, "reading" books, crawling around with cars and rolling them around like a little boy, giving "fives", saying "gaw" for dog(hes got the sound right just a little backwards:), mama and dada(I swear he actually calls us those names sometimes!), and he just recently started doing the little thing where he puts his hand on his mouth and makes a sound and keeps smacking his mouth so hes like a little Indian:) So many new and fun things. And his personality just keeps blooming. We had fun celebrating him on his big day with Mickey Mouse cupcakes...and then a few days later with lots of friends and family at his big luau. Lots of birthday partying posts coming soon!!!

I can't believe this was our last photo shoot(well with the signs..I'm not doing that specifically anymore.. it was a "first 12 months" gig) :( It made me feel a huge lump in my throat. I just can't believe how fast time flies. He cooperated really well for this shoot and we even let him play with one of his birthday balloons which I think made for some extra cute photos. Enjoy! 

 Joey decided that the photographer should get in a few shots on our last photo shoot:) I didn't want to because I looked icky unshowered and unmakeuped... but I'm glad I did. This is me. Whatev. I'll treasure these pictures of me and my little guy. The girl behind the camera needed to get in front of it I guess. Thanks Joey :)

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Tara D. said...

That's such a great picture of the two of you! And of course, those pictures of Wes are just precious; I especially love the balloon pictures.