Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wesley's BIG Luau!

Joey's parents once again threw a KILLAH luau! Its so fun to have this tradition as our children turn one. Its the biggest party much food...shaved ice booth..hula dancers...roasted pig..candy leis. Its awesome. I think this was the best one yet! It was so fun to have it at our home this time..the backyard was a perfect setting. The weather was miraculously amazing for an August evening. I seriously think that was the answer to a prayer as the temps had been in the upper 90's-100's just two days before. A cool front came in the day before the luau so that we enjoyed temps in the 80's instead. And with the sun setting towards the beginning of the luau, it was perfect. We had a big turnout with lots of family and friends. Joey's parents along with Joey's Auntie Angie did SO much. I don't see how they do this! So much planning and work. They came on Monday with a trailer full of stuff(luau was the following Saturday) and were working sun-up to sun-down. I kid you not. So many late nights. Joey's mom was on her feet constantly. And his Dad worked outside with Joey setting everything up and of course they were the bbq machines:) They were exhausted but kept going! I helped as much as possible but I mainly had to wrangle and keep my kids busy. At night was when I was able to help the most with chopping and candy lei making. Those were some good memories, just talking and working together with Joey's mom and aunt. They are such amazing and generous people. One evening, a few friends of mine, Emily, Ashlie, Jenny and Kim came out to help chop veggies and put together candy leis which was so appreciated too. Because of work schedules my parents and sibs couldn't come until the day of the luau but I was sooo happy all of them were here(we missed Arthur though-sorry you couldn't make it! Work wouldn't let him.). It meant a lot to me they all came and sacrificed time and money to make the trip up. And my parents also took care of dessert(cake and cookies) for everyone. Thanks yall! My Uncle Kenny, Aunt Karen, and daughter Kellye helped A LOT. My Grandmother(She is awesome. Even with her physical problems lately, its a priority for her to make it to these and it means so much!) came along with two of my other aunts, Cindy and Sandy and her family. I had a lot of family attend which was amazing! Joey's mom had some of her family come as well, a couple of cousins, her aunt, and all of their families which I know meant a lot to her too. It was neat to see them after the luau all just hanging out and talking together-I'm glad she has this family closeby(they live in Oklahoma, not too far) And of course lots of ward friends, neighbors, old friends, etc. So fun to see so many faces of people that mean so much to us. This party isn't just a party. Its seriously almost as important as like a wedding or something! That much time and money go into it so its important to me that people come and are able enjoy this with us. Thanks to all who attended and/or helped. It was a great evening celebrating our little man. And of course the hugest thank you to my in laws who put this on for everyone. So much work and $$ and we can't thank you enough. Wesley of course didn't know what was going on. He got passed from person to person:) But he did enjoy his cake and thought the dancers were interesting :) A couple of funnies from the night: Cali came up to me and told me, "Mom, the pig looks like a kid. A kidpig." Uh, ok. :) Kinda And Ammon kept saying, "I no like girls" as the dancers were performing. I guess he didn't like the way they were dancing. Hahahaha.

Here is Round One of pictures. So many cute pictures of so many great times that I have to divide this into two posts!

The Master Chef and Luau Organizer :)

And Chef assistant, Angie

The man of the hour being held by Cali's kindergarten teacher :)

 And I can't caption all the pics, but lots of pics of lots of people having lots o fun :)

Love this one. Love these guys. And the pig too. He was tasty.

Lincoln, you can't hide from us.

The big PHAT haul. Wesley scored.

Aubrey and Ella made up their own Poi Ball routine. They did so great! We were so so proud of them! There were a whole lotta people there watching!

 And the drummers begin...

To be continued. . .

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