Wednesday, September 04, 2013

First Day of School 2013

The girls were ready for the first day of school this year...they always are. They still ALL love it(hooray!) Cali is really the only one that expresses any sort of angst over it. She loves it but says every now and then that she wishes she could stay home with me all day long because she loves me:) Its sweet. Its a good feeling though to send them off knowing they are all doing great and are happy there. And learning like nobody's business. Aubrey is already getting to that point where I'm like, uhhh, I don't remember that, ask Dad:) I was once smart...hahaha. Anyways, this year they all got great teachers(again!) and are having a fantastic year so far. Here are pics of their first day of school photo shoot with Daddy. I love their style and spunk.

Is this outfit not the coolest? I love it. And I love her. And notice I curled her hair(that doesn't happen too often over here:) Our grown-up gorgeous sixth grader, Aubrey. I can't believe she is almost 12. 12 people!!! And she'll be in the "official" middle school next year. Yikers. The middle school she is in now is more of an intermediate(5th-6th grade). 

Ella beautiful as can be in her purple skirt and headband(and how can we forget the purple TOMS that say Ella all over them-found them at Nordstrom clearanced to 15 bucks! Oh yeah). This is her last year in elementary school before she goes to the "lower" middle/intermediate school. Crazy how time flies.

No longer a Kindergartener! Big girl first grader, Cali. She looks ultra stylish and adorable with the tied denim top and skirt:) And I even bought her a backpack this year(she has always had the hand-me-down bags but I felt she deserved one new this year) It lights up like her shoes. Twinkle toes are still all the rage at this age:)

 Our three beauties ready to conquer their first day!

 Words can never express how proud of them I am. I love them so much! My three little BFFs.

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Tara D. said...

Such adorable outfits; I especially love Aubrey's grown up look! Perfection. Glad they're doing so well in school. Keep it up gals!!!