Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy 12th Aubrey!

So we have been party animals lately as you can see...every August/September is a little nuts around here. But its the good nuts :) Aubrey is 12! I still can't believe it. In our church, that means she graduates from Primary and enters the youth program. She is in Young Womens! Its just so crazy to me still. It seems like just yesterday we were taking her to Sunbeams(youngest Primary class) for the first time. Sniff sniff. Weird how within the same few months we have one leaving Primary and one entering soon..so glad we have so many kids...its comforting to know I get to do this with lots of them and I still have lots of littles right now:) I don't like them growing up!Okay, I do, but I don't. I love watching them grow and learn and become who they are, but I wish I could slow time down a bit sometimes...sigh...

So for her big 12, we decided to have her big party here at our home. We rented a ginormous inflatable water slide for the backyard and put up our volleyball net for water balloon volleyball. We did a Despicable Me themed party and it was so fun! I got a couple of cute ideas from Pinterest: the minion lemonade and the box of shame photo booth :) I also found minion cupcakes on a few sites and did my own easier version. They turned out super cute and tasty. My own idea(sometimes I have my own:) was using yellow water balloons and drawing minion faces on them so they were chucking minions over the net. Also, I purchased purple and yellow popcorn balls from a local candy shop, Mom and Popcorn, put googly eyes on them and faces. Those were the take home gifts for the girls. The girls started off with the water slide and dang, those girls were crazy on there. I was just praying no one would hurt themselves the whole time with their shenanigans:) Then they ate pizza and did the water balloon volleyball. Then pics and more water sliding, cupcake eating, and present opening. Aubrey had a great night with LOTS of friends and scored in the presents department. She said it was the best birthday ever(and that was our goal..we wanted her 12th to be memorable:) I am so thrilled she has so many good friends in our new town(and some old bffs came out too!) There is a great group of kids up here! Thanks to everyone who came and shared in her special day! And thanks to family who sent gifts and called! Oh yeah, and texted:) Her big gift from us was cell phone service!!!!!!!! She is a happy girl. Gosh darnit, she deserved it. She is a SUPER fantastic girl. We love her to pieces and are so proud of who she is. While I brace myself for the teen years coming up, I know she'll set a good example for her siblings. She is a strong girl who always wants to do good. She has a special light within her that shines bright. No one is perfect, but I know she will always try. Right, Aubrey, right??? :) LOVE YOU!

These first few pics are from her actual birthday. I made a cinnamon roll breakfast and let her open her gift from Joey's parents(VB purse) and we called her on her cell phone to wake her up in the morning :) Hehe. Had to let her open these in the morning so she could take them to school! She felt so cool that morning :)

When we walked outside, we found that the Beehives from church had "stung" the night before with sweet notes and balloons/decor. It was so thoughtful!

Presents from siblings and my parents...Cali and Ella always go all out for everyone..so sweet how much thought they put into their little gifts!

 My parents gift was a mini trampoline she had been reeeally wanting. And here she is wearing it...she loves to strike goofy poses:) Thanks yall! She has been jumping for days now:) And taking pictures of every jump...

 The kids all wanted to pose for a picture, seriously. I didn't ask for this. They rock. Love these crazy five!

 PARTY TIME! Most of these pics don't need captions...they all pretty much speak for themselves. It was a fun time!

 I have to note that Aubrey decorated the guy in the front(silver wrapper) herself :) She made it extra special. and did a great job! I was too lazy/strapped for time to add the straps to the guys eyes..and I wanted to do hair too. Just didn't happen. But they are still darlin.

The kids were all eating/trying the peppers that were in the Papa John's pizza boxes..brave souls... :)

Some of them have cheer fever, Aubrey being included. Thats another post...


This is what happened when the balloon came to Joey and Ammon. Ammon just let go :) Hahaha.

Aubrey & posse

 Beautiful sweet girls inside and out!

This girl sailed right outta there...LOL. Love this girl, she lives next door :)

Just a couple of Box of Shame photos...if you don't know why we did this, click here. 

Wesley was there too! :)

 Opening presents with a smile 

Our own little minion. Cali found this eyeball(it had fallen off the lemonade:) and decided to slap it on. Then Ella had a great idea and put it on the back of her head and said, "I have eyes in the back of my head!" That picture is on my phone..but you can visualize:)


Tara D. said...

So, I have to ask first off- "the crazy five", does that refer to the five kids or the crazy five toes poking up into the photo?? LOL Sorry, I couldn't ignore the scary foot! :) Aubrey is lucky to have such an awesome family and friends to shower her with love on her birthday. And the Despicable Me theme was adorable, soooo cute! :)

hoLLy said...

LOL. i didn't even notice my foot. gross! sorry bout that...but yeah, i was referring to my kids..but my toes are even crazier! :)