Sunday, September 08, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me :)

I'm 33! And it feels good! This year I had a WONDERFUL birthday! The night before some amazing friends of mine took me out to dinner(Mexican food of course:) and showered me with gifts and love. Emily and Ashlie threw it and it was so fun(and the bundt cake was wow! Thanks Emily!) And the day of, Joey made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast(one of my favorites!) and let me spend part of the day shopping ALONE(thats what I wanted! It was so nice and I was actually able to focus on myself for once:) The kids gave me lots of wonderful gifts and of course I got my back massage. Oh, and how could I forget the sweet "my little pony" party they threw me along with a homemade Texas sheet cake(GO Joey! He knows that's my favorite and he made it from scratch all by himself. What a big boy:) It was delicious. Can you tell I like chocolate? :) Thanks everyone for a fantastic day! I love birthdays...especially mine. I don't normally like to be the center of attention but I do bask in it on my birthday:) Its only once a year ya know! Everyone deserves one day of pampering a year.

Party time pics! My family was on a roll this evening. Seriously something is wrong with us. We were being all kinds of crazy. As I was going through the pics just now(some of which I had never even seen), I couldn't help but laugh at the crazy that we are. I love us :)

 Girls Night Birthday pics. And I continue to act crazy. Thats just how I am. Thats why I titled this blog the way I did. It ain't no lie. 

 She isn't torturing me. She is helping me put on a bracelet :) I don't know what I'm doing. Laughing? Crying? Being stupid? Yes. Thats it.

The girls that showed me they cared! Thanks all for coming! You are wonderful friends! xoxo

 Bubbly. Mormon style :)


Tara D. said...

Love all of the crazy lunatic family pictures! They're awesome! And you look really good in all of these pictures; 33 suits you very well. You have some awesome buddies too. Glad you had such a great day!!!

hoLLy said...

awww, thanks :)

Emily said...

I loved celebrating you! You are a beautiful and amazing woman! Looks like your family had a fun party for you too :)