Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uncle Jerry

On October 16, my sweet Uncle Jerry passed away.  If you knew him, you know words cannot do him justice. He was amazing, one of the most giving, loving, hardworking people I've ever met. Not only was he a wonderful uncle to me, but he was bishop of our ward for years and served with all of his might to the entire ward family. He was an amazing husband, father, brother and grandpa. His wife, Jeanie, passed away about 2 1/2 years ago and together they were the Dream Team:) While he was my bishop, she was my wonderful seminary teacher. They were a couple I looked at with such admiration growing up. They raised five awesome kids-some of my best friends growing up. They showed love to each other in so many ways but something that stood out to me was touch. He was always rubbing/scratching her back or shoulder or neck. I always thought it was so sweet:) And there was a way they smiled at each other..I could just feel of their love for each other. Their love was so special. I remember thinking I wanted to find someone that loved me like that someday! Together they opened up their home to so many who were in need. When she passed, I know there was a hole in his heart and he missed her so much. I'm so grateful for the gospel and the knowledge I have that today, though our hearts are sad as we will miss him, he and Aunt Jeanie are together again. I cried tears of joy imagining it. I am so happy for them that it hurts. They were such an influential couple to me growing up and I can never thank them enough for the example of love, faith, service and righteousness they were to me. I love you Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jeanie. I can't wait to see you again someday. Hugs and prayers for their children and grandchildren as I know this is a tough time saying goodbye to Dad and Grandpa  We love you all so much and our hearts are with you always. xoxo

I love this picture of Uncle Jerry and Aunt Jeanie in their dating days. Such a beautiful couple. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rainbow Loomer

This girl has gone Rainbow Loom crazy! :) She used her own money to buy a Rainbow Loom kit and has been making all kinds of bracelets lately. She even had a list of kids at school who she wanted to make some for and what their favorite colors were. So sweet! And I'm realizing as I type this I don't have any pics of said bracelets. Hmmm. I'll have to take some :) She is such a creative little maker of all kinds of things. I love to see her working hard and using her mad creativity skillz.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Backyard family time

I LOVE our backyard. We are already having so much fun out there as a family. Some of my favorite memories here are spending time outside as a family. We had our first dinner on the backporch not too long ago and it was sooo nice!  Joey grilled some mean cheeseburgers.

 These pics aren't the best, but they capture some of the hangin out bliss :) 

A baby and his sippy. 

Aubrey has been having fun on her new trampoline. These pics are a few weeks old I think but her hurkeys/hurdlers/ whatever they are called are even better now!

 Cali getting some snuggle time :)

 Ammon was being a sweet big brother and delivering pool toys to Wesley :) He was so excited he was making him happy. It was priceless-I mean, look at Ammon's little smile!
And how could I not include a picture of one of our near dead trees? Hahaha. We planted two trees(well, when I say "we" I mean a company:) back in the Spring. They didn't fare too well over the summer heat. They are still alive so hopefully they'll come back next Spring! Oopsies. It just looked like fall a little earlier, thats all ;)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time Out for Me ;)

A few months ago a sweet friend of mine, Ashlie, invited me to go with her and a couple other friends, Emily and Kristy, to the upcoming Time Out For Women. Her hubby had surprised her at Christmas time with a 4 pack and hotel stay so she just picked 3 gals to attend with her. I was like, heck yes I will! I had never been before so I was really excited to go. In the past, I was always either nursing a baby, or very pregnant, or it wasn't in Dallas. There was always something preventing me from going! So I finally went! And I had a blast. We stayed in the Sheraton next door to get the full "girls weekend" experience and had a blast together. We had dinner out and stayed up way too late talking :) We also somehow managed to get seats in the front row for both days of the conference! So not only were we up close, we were also able to b-line it over to the speakers afterwards for pictures and to get to meet them. I was so excited to meet John Bytheway and Sheri Dew! They are two "famous Mormons" I've never seen or met in real life. So I was all giddy. Especially about John. I have listened to his talks on tape/CD for years. He is so happy, so funny and so friendly. He is inspiring in every way! And of course Sheri Dew is an amazing writer/speaker and a mega spiritual giant. I've always enjoyed listening to her in general conferences past when she was in the RS presidency. I own books from both of these writers/speakers so to meet them was so wow to me! I was also very excited when I found out that Elder Oaks daughter/grammy nominated violinist, Jenny Oaks Baker was there.  Dang, shes good. And also, broadway star(played Cosette in Les Mis!), Sandra Turley was there. Her voice was amazing. They are beautiful and inspiring women inside and out!

So it was a weekend of girl time, fun and spiritual nourishment. Doesn't get much better than that. All I know is that this mama needed an escape and I was grateful to get it. I hadn't left the kids overnight for a couple of years! Luckily, Wesley had just finished nursing(woot woot!) so I could go. I have to give a special thanks to Joey for taking care of the kids for me so I could go! Joey is always so supportive of me getting to go out with friends every so often-he knows I need it :) And to Ashlie's husband for arranging the hotel/tickets and buying us lunch that Saturday! It was a great time! Enjoy my instagram collage :)

Fab 4. Kristy, Ashlie, Me, and Emily. Ready to get our time out on.

Me and my new BFF, John Bytheway :) Just kidding Laura, you are the only BFF for me!

Sandra Turley and I

 Jenny Oaks Baker and I. A little blurry darnit.

Me and Sheri Dew

  Ashlie, Kristy and I on Friday(Emily arrived later that evening)

Hotel crazies. Ok, I was the only crazy one. I was hungry and drinking the popcorn crumbs out of the bag. I'm fun like that ;)

 Snacks were provided by Ashlies hubs. YUM.

 The hotelio

And how could I forget the rainbow on the drive home?? A lovely little ending to the beautiful weekend!

 Thanks everyone for the memories :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cali got her ears pierced!!

I forgot to post this! But this is BIG yall :) Cali finally decided she was brave enough to get her ears pierced! The weekend before her first day of first grade, she told us she was ready. We always just let them decide. We headed to Claire's at the mall, signed the paperwork, plopped her on the chair, let her pick out her first pair(pink flowers with gold posts), the worker gave her a teddy bear to hug during it and BAM, two ears done at once by two workers(the ONLY way to do it for this girl we knew...otherwise she'd only have one pierced). So, how did she handle it? Wellllll, she cried...for a few minutes. :( Poor kid kinda jumped when they did it. I guess she didn't expect it to feel like that!(Though I totally did warn her) It scared her and hurt more than she thought it would I think. But after I told her she could pick out a set of earrings to buy, she perked up. Of course she had to wait a good six weeks before she could wear them, but she is now wearing her cute little butterfly earrings she picked out and loves them. She had picked out a pack of 6 different colors and she loves to choose the perfect pair to match outfits each day :) Her ears are handling the procedure better than I expected. I expected problems because her skin is sensitive, but her ears are doing great! Yea! We were so proud of her for being so brave! And she looks so perdy with her cute little earrings in now. I mean, of course she already looked dazzling, but earrings jazz things up a bit :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ella the Ice Princess

Ella is back at it in iceskating again! She has taken a couple of classes in the past at the Dr. Pepper Star Center but has decided to really go for it now, which is exciting! She has a real talent!!! I loooove to go and watch her skate. She just passed Alpha level and is starting up Beta. She is so graceful and beautiful out there on the ice. She works really hard and doesn't ever want to stop:) We really saw some major progression this session-she can skate on one foot now, do forward crossovers, plow stops(okay, I don't remember what they are called, something like that:) and spins on the ice(not in the air..yet:) She is now learning to perfect back crossovers and t stops and a few other things. I'm not iceskating savvy, but I know she is doing fabulous! Its neat to watch a child learn something that you've never even tried before! And its really cool to see her have a talent that I don't have at all. Like I've said, this is definitely a talent she received from her cool Dad :) I'm proud of all you are accomplishing sweet Ella! By the end of the school year, I bet you will be wowing us even more and more!!! She wants to do figure skating and has asked for her own pair of skates instead of using the free rentals the class gives her. . .we'll see. . .:) Those are dang expensive. Oh, and she wants one of those iceskater suitcase things..Zuca. Again, expensive. Kids aren't cheap:) Well...we'll see what Santa comes up with or her Grandparents :)

Here she is after class sporting her new cute little Nike jacket we got her for class.

And okay, these aren't the best shots(taken from my phone while I was watching through the glass) but I tried! 

Here she is putting a foot up as part of her crossovers.

She is doing more of an actual skate now instead of the looks-like-she-walking style :) She is awesome.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Three goofballs

I took these nuts to the store with me one evening. I turn around and find this...

I had to wipe a tear. I was so proud. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Safety Patrol!

Look out yall! Ella is an official car door opener at school. . .

And I think she has the biggest most beautiful smile out of
any of those other kids out there. Just sayin ;) Yes, the stars(or cars) aligned and we lucked out one day and she opened the door for Cali girl(and of course I busted on my trusty ole phone and snapped a quick pic:)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Aubrey the Cheerleader

So Aubrey decided to take a break from volleyball this season and do cheerleading. I had mixed feelings about this. I want her to get good at volleyball! I hate her missing out a season. But at the same time I want her to get the cheerleading experience if she wants it. I wanted to be in cheerleading SO bad at her age but they didn't offer an actual rec league for that age when I was young. It was -you try out to make the squad for jr high and thats it. And yeah, I stunk and didn't make it :) But I'm having fun playing with Aubrey's poms:) Hahaha. I'll just live vicariously through her :) So, she is in a grade level where she can participate in recreational cheer(Cuz we will NEVER do competitive and she won't make the middle school team next year because she has zero tumbling experience.) So its just for fun which is perfect. You don't have to try out. You just pay the fee for uniforms and such. She LOVES it. And has made so many wonderful memories already. She has also bonded more with a few girls in her grade and from church which was also one of the reasons we agreed to it. She is an awesome little dancer and is great at doing the cheers. I got a text from one of her coaches after the first day of practice that said something like, "You've got yourself a little dancer on your hands!" It made me smile :) I think shes the best dancer out there honestly. Shes got dance skillz and is smart so she is great at memorizing the routines and cheers. I'm so proud of her! She is bummed she can't do the tumbling most of the other girls can, but oh well. She is having fun. And still rocks it as a cheerleader. Its amazing to see this little girl out there doing this stuff..if you have known her since she was little you would know what I'm saying. She was SO SOOO terribly shy. She didn't even like people looking at her! I remember coming home from a playgroup once and crying with worry over her. She wouldn't play with any children and cried on my lap the whole time and would cover her face if anyone looked at her! She did that till she was about 4 1/2. So to see her out there smiling and dancing in front of audiences is wonderful. Its so neat to watch your children overcome fears and grow. It reminds me of what our Father in Heaven must feel like when he watches us conquer fears and overcome obstacles. I love that on Earth we get to experience what we do through the journey of parenting. It has taught me so much! My children bring me such joy. I love watching them grow and when they succeed and are happy in life, there is no better feeling.

Anyways,  here are just a few pics of her from the first few football games. I'll post more pics after Cheerfest(the big showoff at the end of the season). Doesn't she look adorable??? GO EAGLES! :)

Aubrey and her best friend, Kylie after their first game. They are such beautiful girls inside and out! So glad she found Kylie:) They have had a great time cheering together and are awesome friends.

 She is second from the left. 

 This one is close up enough where you can spot her :) I'm glad one of the moms took this shot. I love it. The one from above is a thumbnail of a picture you could order at a ridiculous price. I didn't order so I'm glad I have this one below! Joey will take some individuals of her himself. Since hes gots some photog skillz :) I hate paying for pictures!

 She is back row, far right.

Darn, these pics are so blurry and small! :( Oh well, you get the picture..these shots below were taken on my phone and at night, those don't turn out so well.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Bad luck with trees

Woke up to a couple of trees down. Within the same week. And it wasn't even stormy or windy! We just have super crappy wimpy trees I guess...

This one was ginormous. I don't think we'll be doing ziplining anymore...

This was a little tree in our backyard that looked weird anyways. Kinda glad it croaked. :)

Maybe this wasn't really postworthy. But I thought it was wacky! I don't walk under the trees in our front yard anymore, well, not without at least walking a little bit faster...just in case.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Wesley is the...

Lucky he's so dern cute.