Thursday, October 10, 2013

Aubrey the Cheerleader

So Aubrey decided to take a break from volleyball this season and do cheerleading. I had mixed feelings about this. I want her to get good at volleyball! I hate her missing out a season. But at the same time I want her to get the cheerleading experience if she wants it. I wanted to be in cheerleading SO bad at her age but they didn't offer an actual rec league for that age when I was young. It was -you try out to make the squad for jr high and thats it. And yeah, I stunk and didn't make it :) But I'm having fun playing with Aubrey's poms:) Hahaha. I'll just live vicariously through her :) So, she is in a grade level where she can participate in recreational cheer(Cuz we will NEVER do competitive and she won't make the middle school team next year because she has zero tumbling experience.) So its just for fun which is perfect. You don't have to try out. You just pay the fee for uniforms and such. She LOVES it. And has made so many wonderful memories already. She has also bonded more with a few girls in her grade and from church which was also one of the reasons we agreed to it. She is an awesome little dancer and is great at doing the cheers. I got a text from one of her coaches after the first day of practice that said something like, "You've got yourself a little dancer on your hands!" It made me smile :) I think shes the best dancer out there honestly. Shes got dance skillz and is smart so she is great at memorizing the routines and cheers. I'm so proud of her! She is bummed she can't do the tumbling most of the other girls can, but oh well. She is having fun. And still rocks it as a cheerleader. Its amazing to see this little girl out there doing this stuff..if you have known her since she was little you would know what I'm saying. She was SO SOOO terribly shy. She didn't even like people looking at her! I remember coming home from a playgroup once and crying with worry over her. She wouldn't play with any children and cried on my lap the whole time and would cover her face if anyone looked at her! She did that till she was about 4 1/2. So to see her out there smiling and dancing in front of audiences is wonderful. Its so neat to watch your children overcome fears and grow. It reminds me of what our Father in Heaven must feel like when he watches us conquer fears and overcome obstacles. I love that on Earth we get to experience what we do through the journey of parenting. It has taught me so much! My children bring me such joy. I love watching them grow and when they succeed and are happy in life, there is no better feeling.

Anyways,  here are just a few pics of her from the first few football games. I'll post more pics after Cheerfest(the big showoff at the end of the season). Doesn't she look adorable??? GO EAGLES! :)

Aubrey and her best friend, Kylie after their first game. They are such beautiful girls inside and out! So glad she found Kylie:) They have had a great time cheering together and are awesome friends.

 She is second from the left. 

 This one is close up enough where you can spot her :) I'm glad one of the moms took this shot. I love it. The one from above is a thumbnail of a picture you could order at a ridiculous price. I didn't order so I'm glad I have this one below! Joey will take some individuals of her himself. Since hes gots some photog skillz :) I hate paying for pictures!

 She is back row, far right.

Darn, these pics are so blurry and small! :( Oh well, you get the picture..these shots below were taken on my phone and at night, those don't turn out so well.


jOeY said...

I'm so proud of you Aub! You've learned so much this season of cheer...I'm very impressed. :) Go Eagles

Tara D. said...

I remember her being so shy. She really has grown so much. She's absolutely beautiful inside and out. Love that gal!