Friday, October 25, 2013

Backyard family time

I LOVE our backyard. We are already having so much fun out there as a family. Some of my favorite memories here are spending time outside as a family. We had our first dinner on the backporch not too long ago and it was sooo nice!  Joey grilled some mean cheeseburgers.

 These pics aren't the best, but they capture some of the hangin out bliss :) 

A baby and his sippy. 

Aubrey has been having fun on her new trampoline. These pics are a few weeks old I think but her hurkeys/hurdlers/ whatever they are called are even better now!

 Cali getting some snuggle time :)

 Ammon was being a sweet big brother and delivering pool toys to Wesley :) He was so excited he was making him happy. It was priceless-I mean, look at Ammon's little smile!
And how could I not include a picture of one of our near dead trees? Hahaha. We planted two trees(well, when I say "we" I mean a company:) back in the Spring. They didn't fare too well over the summer heat. They are still alive so hopefully they'll come back next Spring! Oopsies. It just looked like fall a little earlier, thats all ;)

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