Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cali got her ears pierced!!

I forgot to post this! But this is BIG yall :) Cali finally decided she was brave enough to get her ears pierced! The weekend before her first day of first grade, she told us she was ready. We always just let them decide. We headed to Claire's at the mall, signed the paperwork, plopped her on the chair, let her pick out her first pair(pink flowers with gold posts), the worker gave her a teddy bear to hug during it and BAM, two ears done at once by two workers(the ONLY way to do it for this girl we knew...otherwise she'd only have one pierced). So, how did she handle it? Wellllll, she cried...for a few minutes. :( Poor kid kinda jumped when they did it. I guess she didn't expect it to feel like that!(Though I totally did warn her) It scared her and hurt more than she thought it would I think. But after I told her she could pick out a set of earrings to buy, she perked up. Of course she had to wait a good six weeks before she could wear them, but she is now wearing her cute little butterfly earrings she picked out and loves them. She had picked out a pack of 6 different colors and she loves to choose the perfect pair to match outfits each day :) Her ears are handling the procedure better than I expected. I expected problems because her skin is sensitive, but her ears are doing great! Yea! We were so proud of her for being so brave! And she looks so perdy with her cute little earrings in now. I mean, of course she already looked dazzling, but earrings jazz things up a bit :)


Tara D. said...

Congrats Cali! You're so brave; getting your ears pierced isnt easy. I should know, as I had to be bribed to get mine done (well the second ear anyhow). Lol

Cindy said...

Way to go, Cali! I remember when I got mine pierced. I was scared and excited at the same time. But it was so worth it. Proud of you for being such a trooper!!!