Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time Out for Me ;)

A few months ago a sweet friend of mine, Ashlie, invited me to go with her and a couple other friends, Emily and Kristy, to the upcoming Time Out For Women. Her hubby had surprised her at Christmas time with a 4 pack and hotel stay so she just picked 3 gals to attend with her. I was like, heck yes I will! I had never been before so I was really excited to go. In the past, I was always either nursing a baby, or very pregnant, or it wasn't in Dallas. There was always something preventing me from going! So I finally went! And I had a blast. We stayed in the Sheraton next door to get the full "girls weekend" experience and had a blast together. We had dinner out and stayed up way too late talking :) We also somehow managed to get seats in the front row for both days of the conference! So not only were we up close, we were also able to b-line it over to the speakers afterwards for pictures and to get to meet them. I was so excited to meet John Bytheway and Sheri Dew! They are two "famous Mormons" I've never seen or met in real life. So I was all giddy. Especially about John. I have listened to his talks on tape/CD for years. He is so happy, so funny and so friendly. He is inspiring in every way! And of course Sheri Dew is an amazing writer/speaker and a mega spiritual giant. I've always enjoyed listening to her in general conferences past when she was in the RS presidency. I own books from both of these writers/speakers so to meet them was so wow to me! I was also very excited when I found out that Elder Oaks daughter/grammy nominated violinist, Jenny Oaks Baker was there.  Dang, shes good. And also, broadway star(played Cosette in Les Mis!), Sandra Turley was there. Her voice was amazing. They are beautiful and inspiring women inside and out!

So it was a weekend of girl time, fun and spiritual nourishment. Doesn't get much better than that. All I know is that this mama needed an escape and I was grateful to get it. I hadn't left the kids overnight for a couple of years! Luckily, Wesley had just finished nursing(woot woot!) so I could go. I have to give a special thanks to Joey for taking care of the kids for me so I could go! Joey is always so supportive of me getting to go out with friends every so often-he knows I need it :) And to Ashlie's husband for arranging the hotel/tickets and buying us lunch that Saturday! It was a great time! Enjoy my instagram collage :)

Fab 4. Kristy, Ashlie, Me, and Emily. Ready to get our time out on.

Me and my new BFF, John Bytheway :) Just kidding Laura, you are the only BFF for me!

Sandra Turley and I

 Jenny Oaks Baker and I. A little blurry darnit.

Me and Sheri Dew

  Ashlie, Kristy and I on Friday(Emily arrived later that evening)

Hotel crazies. Ok, I was the only crazy one. I was hungry and drinking the popcorn crumbs out of the bag. I'm fun like that ;)

 Snacks were provided by Ashlies hubs. YUM.

 The hotelio

And how could I forget the rainbow on the drive home?? A lovely little ending to the beautiful weekend!

 Thanks everyone for the memories :)

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