Thursday, November 28, 2013

Vacuuming woes

This little boy loves to push around the vacuum...

 Sometimes rugs get in his way. Rugs make baby angry.

Big brother to the rescue? Or trying to steal the limelight. I'm not sure. And Wesley isn't either.

Ammon about to get shoved, bit or hit any minute now as Wesley desires his relocation.

Just let me do it!

Aaaaand....angry at rug again. Its a vicious cycle.
This is my life people. But I love it :)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Crew is here!

My sister decided to go and have pregnancy issues and have an emergency c-section on me. Darnit! I missed labor and delivery but was on my way and made it to Corpus two hours after he was born. I don't think I've ever gotten to Corpus so fast!!! :)

Introducing my new adorable precious sweet nephew... 
Crew Hudson
 I want to eat him.

He loves me. He really does :) I hate that we live so far and that I had to say goodbye so soon :(

Pics from D-Day..look at all the love he got! He had an abundance of balloon love :)

 A picture I took of Tara when she finally got to hold him...poor girl had to wait forever! It was a sweet moment. Even if she was still a little loopy:) lol

A moment I caught of Arthur gazing at his new son. Awww.

Proud Grandma! She now has 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters! And doesn't look a day over 40.

The very first time I got to hold him.

First family photo! Beautiful family yall!
Picked up this little mum at the gift shop for her door. 

 Tara's foot while she was sleeping. I was getting bored and took lots of random pics! Hahahaha.

And this is an inside joke..and I'm so sorry Tara, but how could I not post this amazing picture???!!! Devil cakes!!!! Finally!!!!!!! Please forgive me. I couldn't resist posting it...I think you look super cute and stylish ;) Hey, at least I'm not giving anymore details of the story behind the picture...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baby Shower Surprise!

My sister had a baby!!!!! First sibling of mine to finally take the plunge:) It is so exciting and fun for me. Its usually me laid up in bed in pain:) Hahaha. Now its her!! ;) Sorry, Tara, you know I'm kidding. Kind of ;) Fun to be the one to get to be the aunt!!! He is a handsome bundle of joy, but I'll give him his own post next:) But oh man is he sweet! She and Arthur done goodE. This post is actually about her baby shower. I'm just a little behind on blogging:) So, the girls and I decided to make a surprise girls' trip down to Corpus to attend Tara's baby shower for her new little guy joining the family soon, Crew. She was shocked! I'm so glad we were able to make the trip and truly surprise her. I hope she knows we love her a TON and thats why we couldn't miss it! Havin a baby is kinda a big deal, don't I know it :) And a big thank you to Joey for taking off work yet again for me to go to Corpus. He rocks. So back to the shower, the girls each picked gifts for Crew and I even tried my hand at sewing and made her some pretty darn cute burp cloths(well I sewed fabric on them to make them cute:) and got her a few other items as well. She had a great turnout and received lots of awesome things. The cake and decor for the shower was adorable. Her best friend, Nicole, and my mom did a wonderful job. Here are pics from our fun time down there partying it up for baby Crew!

Isn't this friggin cute?

The nursery is elephant themed so the shower was perfectly decorated!

Typical Tara :) Bless her. She always makes me laugh.

Typical Aubrey. Bless her. She always makes me cry. jk ;)

Cali helped string this little banner

The Candy Game! Aubrey and Ella helped my mom with making the board. I loved that my girls got to be part of helping with lots for the shower. They felt muy especial.

Yea for Shelby! I love her look of joy as she reaches for her candybar:) And I love big cousin, Ella's face too. Happy for her cuz.

Fondueing it up yall. We Smithies like to dippies.

Gift opening. And here are my burp cloths! Hard to see them but I was happy with how they turned out. Much harder than I thought they would be to make! I'm so not a sewer! But I'm trying to learn. Man, its tedious. And this is nothing compared to people that sew more involved things like clothes and stuff. Don't know how they do it... so Tara, you better LOVE these things :) Don't let Crew actually spit up on them. Frame them. Treasure them. :) Kidding of course. Hope he pukes lots on them and they get used! :)

Tara and her bestie, Nicole standing behind that super cute diaper cake Nicole made. I love Nicole. She is just a genuinely nice and funny gal! Glad Tara found her years ago and paid her to be her friend. 

Tara and I acting like, well, us. 

Me and one of my best friends :)

A sleepy not-feeling-so-great Cali at the end of the day. Poor girl. She did okay half the day and then tanked at the end. 

And I'll leave you with one last gem of a picture. My Mom waving goodbye. I think that was one of the best photo bombs ever. She looks just super happy to be sayin howdy!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fishing with Daddy

A beautiful evening together. Weather was perfect. Kids enjoyed fishing with Joey. I sat on the hill with Wesley and we watched together. I remember feeling gratitude this evening for a wonderful life. And an amazing husband and kids to share it with.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Halloween 2013!

This year we had a lion, a pirate, a princess, an Indian and a zombie cheerleader. Quite the posse. I took some pics of them before we had our mummy hot dog Halloween dinner and they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself :) The night was cool, a little cooler than we would've liked but still totally doable thanks to jackets:) We had a fun walk around the neighborhood with our wagon in tow and kiddos piled in. I think we might be the only people that walk the neighborhood(everyone else has a golfcart of something..terds..) We like to exercise, ok! It was fun. We even found a house that handed out full sized candy bars-score! And we also came upon a home with a firepit and some dude and his wife cooking hotdogs and apple cider in their driveway for anyone passing by. Pretty cool! We drank some cider:) Other fun Halloween activities this year included carving the pumpkin(this year we did a barfing pumpkin-the kids didn't seem to sure about the idea but we thought it'd be funny...and easy:)...painting pumpkins...ward trunk or treat and chili cook off(I won the "most unique chili" award for this new white chicken chili recipe I tried out...not sure how to take that award but I'll take whatever I can get;)...and a "playgroup" at a friends house with the boys where they wore costumes and played. We had a wonderful Halloween! Hope you did too!

Warning: Extreme cuteness coming up.

An adorable Jake the Neverland Pirate

A beautiful Rapunzel

A spunky Pocahontas

A silly zombie cheerleader

And a seriously precious lion

Our annual fun Halloweiner dinner. Complete with dry ice root beer!

Our repulsive pumpkin. As we left our home that evening to trick or treat, we saw a family walk up to our house. We also heard a young boy exclaim, "Thats just not cool!" LOL

Ammon didn't know what to think either. His parents are weird.