Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Halloween 2013!

This year we had a lion, a pirate, a princess, an Indian and a zombie cheerleader. Quite the posse. I took some pics of them before we had our mummy hot dog Halloween dinner and they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself :) The night was cool, a little cooler than we would've liked but still totally doable thanks to jackets:) We had a fun walk around the neighborhood with our wagon in tow and kiddos piled in. I think we might be the only people that walk the neighborhood(everyone else has a golfcart of something..terds..) We like to exercise, ok! It was fun. We even found a house that handed out full sized candy bars-score! And we also came upon a home with a firepit and some dude and his wife cooking hotdogs and apple cider in their driveway for anyone passing by. Pretty cool! We drank some cider:) Other fun Halloween activities this year included carving the pumpkin(this year we did a barfing pumpkin-the kids didn't seem to sure about the idea but we thought it'd be funny...and easy:)...painting pumpkins...ward trunk or treat and chili cook off(I won the "most unique chili" award for this new white chicken chili recipe I tried out...not sure how to take that award but I'll take whatever I can get;)...and a "playgroup" at a friends house with the boys where they wore costumes and played. We had a wonderful Halloween! Hope you did too!

Warning: Extreme cuteness coming up.

An adorable Jake the Neverland Pirate

A beautiful Rapunzel

A spunky Pocahontas

A silly zombie cheerleader

And a seriously precious lion

Our annual fun Halloweiner dinner. Complete with dry ice root beer!

Our repulsive pumpkin. As we left our home that evening to trick or treat, we saw a family walk up to our house. We also heard a young boy exclaim, "Thats just not cool!" LOL

Ammon didn't know what to think either. His parents are weird.

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