Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Little Mary, Joseph, Wise Men and a Shepherd

Oh man, the little boys had us laughing this night..it was Christmas Eve and we did our traditional, dress-up-and-act-out-the Christmas story-thing. Ammon was being so cute. And Wesley just looked like this adorable little girl! Hahaha. He was being so hilarious. You could tell he loved having that thing on his head. He never took it off and just ran around the room laughing and grinning. We always draw names who gets to be what and Cali was very happy to be Mary. She may have had a coronary if she wasn't...;) Ammon was Joseph. Wesley and Ella were wise men. And Aubrey was a shepherd. I was the narrator and I can't even remember what Joey was. Another shepherd I think? Or maybe the wicked king Herod...just kidding:)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Icepocalypse 2013

We had a crazy ice storm in December that cancelled school for THREE DAYS! It basically rained and froze a thick sheet of ice all over everything that didn't melt completely for a week. It was nuts. The roads were very dangerous(cuz we are in Texas yall..we don't have the equipment to plow stuff..and most of us don't know how to drive in ice/snow) So North Texas pretty much shut down. I wish it had been snow:( Pictures make it look like snow, but it was rock solid. But we'll take the days off when we can get them. We were able to spend some quality time together during those days(Joey got a day or two off too!) and enjoyed a lot of hot cocoa. I loved it. The older two girls enjoyed going down to "the creek" which, okay, is just a sloped ditch behind some neighbors homes down the street but they had fun sledding with friends every day in temps in the teens and twenties. I stayed inside most of the time:) Too cold for me. Joey ventured out with them more. I only went out in it twice and it seriously scared me. The ground was rock solid and super slippery. I was honestly worried about someone getting hurt, but everyone was fine and had a blast sliding around and finding chunks of ice and icicles all around. And I was okay with being the hot cocoa/soup maker most of the time:) We played board games inside, watched movies, and really enjoyed the week together! Enjoy pics from the first few minutes of Icepocalypse 2013.

Excited to go out in the "snow." Haha. He was a little disappointed out there when he realized he couldn't make a snow angel or a snowman but he still had fun.

 Ella "iceskating"

Cali with a huge chunk of ice

 Happy little Ammon

I did take Wesley out in it once..but here is a sweet picture from the first day when he watched his crazy siblings from inside:)

I guess Aubrey wasn't outside yet when I snapped these pics...I ran in after about two minutes:)  I had run out without a coat or shoes on just to get a few shots. I was crazy. It was like 16 degrees.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ella's REAL Birthday :)

Just finally uploaded these pics from Ella's actual birthday..enjoy cute pics of a smiley happy girl!

A girl and her Zuca :)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ella's Big 10th birthday!

We celebrated Ella's BIG TEN(double digits, what!?) a week and a half early with friends...its what we always do so that everyone is still in town and she can also feel like its compleeeetely separate from Christmas. Cuz we cool like that. It took her a long time to decide what to do and where to go! We pretty much decided a week and a half before it! She ended up choosing a nearby indoor trampoline park(and you know how I am about trampolines!) Ugh. :) Anyways, it was a blast for her and all of her friends. And I wasn't that nervous since all of the trampolines were floor trampolines, not elevated at all. But still...I was a little nervous someone could get hurt. I'm easing up though :) The place also had a bungee jumpy thingy and a rock wall along with all the trampoline areas with basketball hoops and dodge ball areas. Everyone was jumping like crazy, sweating and having a grand ole time. And she made things really easy for me by asking me to make a Texas Sheet Cake...this has become one of my kids all time favorite cakes(and is mine too...so I didn't mind obliging!) Sure I have to make it from scratch, frosting and all, but that doesn't worry me since I've made it so many times. I get stressed out when I have to decorate a cake or cupcakes so it was nice not to have to worry. I just bought some purple edible balls to decorate the border of it. Had to have some color of some kind and of course purple is her favorite! The kids also ate pizza for lunch there and then Ella opened all kinds of awesome birthday gifts. For giveaway treats, Ella helped me put purple gumballs in little baggies with tags that she wrote, "Thank you for "chews"ing to come to my party! Love, Ella." :) She said the day was sooo fun and thanked us later. It always feels good when a party is over that you've planned and you have a happy kiddo:) My kids only get these huge parties every other year so the pressure is on to make sure its perfect! :)

On her actual birthday, I made her birthday crepes for breakfast(which was on a Sunday morning..and we have 9am church..somehow we made it:)..she received special birthday treatment at church in primary with a gift/song and then when we got home, I made dinner of her choice which was pita pizzas with spinach, tomato and feta. The kids love that stuff and I'm glad because it feel like I'm serving up something healthy and pretty:)I also made some chocolate cupcakes just to celebrate as a family. Joey and I and both sets of grandparents went in on her BIG gift, which was a Zuca bag to hold all of her iceskating stuff in since shes gonna go all pro on us :) Those suckers are expensive..and she has had her eyes on them for the past few months at the rink. All the little iceskaters have them:) She was SO happy. She had it all packed up and ready to go even though lessons weren't again for a couple of weeks:) She is a little organizer and has loved having this thing all loaded up with her gear. She also loves that the wheels light up. It is a pretty dang cool bag. She also received other fun things from family and friends. She is a lucky girl with lots of people that love her!!

Ella, as you turn 10, I just have to say you are amazing. You still have that million dollar smile :) You are generous and giving to all. You are smart, super duper creative and beautiful inside and out. You have a helpful heart and always surprise me with little extra things you do around the house for me, just because. Adjusting to five kids was made easier thanks to you(and maybe thats part of the plan..since you are the one begging for us to have six! :) So, thank you for all you are doing to help your mom out! You are a wonderful daughter. Happy Birthday sweet Ella bean!! We love you so much.

Enjoy her "Elevate" party pics!

Ella and her bestie, Caitlyn

Cali being crazy :)

Ella showing off one of the jumps Aubrey has taught her

Big sis Aubrey 

 Ella and peeps making their way over to the bungee jump..they were brave.

The line was long! So I thought I'd be a crazy picture taking mama and take yet one more picture of them. They were all standing together so cute, I had to! :)

 Ella getting buckled in. She wasn't too sure..when she smiles super big you know shes nervous :) 


Her goal was to do a flip. And after a couple of attempts, she did it!!! Twice! She said it scared her a little bit :) But she did it anyways!

 Proud of herself :)

And had to go give Daddy a hug too..

Just some more bouncing around.

Caitlyn up on the bungee. She did lots of flips too! These kids are braver than I.

 Wesley was content with a juice box. And soaking wet when he was done. 

Time for pizza!

Group shot

The take home goodies

Handsome Ammon eating lunch..we brought him a tablet and thats what kept him happy the rest of the time:)

 Ella ready to be sung to. And Aubrey acting like a nut.

Opening her presents...she got a TON of cool things! She has super friends.

 Had to snap this pic of Cali sitting in the window making faces.

I love this big shy smile 

 I think it was a great day :)