Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Little Mary, Joseph, Wise Men and a Shepherd

Oh man, the little boys had us laughing this night..it was Christmas Eve and we did our traditional, dress-up-and-act-out-the Christmas story-thing. Ammon was being so cute. And Wesley just looked like this adorable little girl! Hahaha. He was being so hilarious. You could tell he loved having that thing on his head. He never took it off and just ran around the room laughing and grinning. We always draw names who gets to be what and Cali was very happy to be Mary. She may have had a coronary if she wasn't...;) Ammon was Joseph. Wesley and Ella were wise men. And Aubrey was a shepherd. I was the narrator and I can't even remember what Joey was. Another shepherd I think? Or maybe the wicked king Herod...just kidding:)


Tara D. said...
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Tara D. said...

I love those little costumes you put together- they're super cute! And Wes reminds me of a miniature nun, lol. (I deleted the previous comment because I wanted to fix a typo)