Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas-ing our Home 2013

Isn't it the best when you bust out the Christmas boxes, turn on the holiday music and decorate the house for Christmas!? Ahh, I love it. Here are pics of me and the kiddos as we trimmed the tree this as always. I will let you know that the bottom half of the tree did not survive Mr. Wesley. It was pretty much undecorated midpoint down for the entire month:) I write this weeks later...that boy...he thought the tree and ornaments were fun toys.

This is when I realized the ribbon I had bought wasn't long enough. I was trying to add more lime green color. We've always done lime green and red ornaments(mixed with all kinds of other ornaments) with red ribbon. Thought I'd go crazy and add green ribbon too. Darny. Could've been cute. Maybe I should've read the length on the package before purchasing...note to self: do that next time.

Kids are always great helpers.

And soloists :)

Just a rad pic Joey took of some of the ornaments

 Aubrey considers hooking ornaments serious business..

 I bought these blocks this year and think they are so cute!

 Crazy face and crazy hair :) Hahaha. Ammon and Cali were probably the most excited and helpful(well, they tried to be most helpful anyways:)

Wesley was finally released from the highchair and we just gave him a strand of the sparkly garland to play with for awhile. He loved it.

He kept saying, "Ohhh!"

 First year for him to be part of decorating and he loved it :)

I don't have a picture of it totally done but this is pretty much it(minus the star which didn't light up when we did the big "ta-da!!" we ended up having to buy a new one this year) We added turqoise ornament balls this year. And magentaish icicle ornaments. I like color! I was happy with how it turned out with new splashes of color in there. 

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jOeY said...

i love getting all the christmas stuff out each year. we have so many fun traditions...too bad some of them didn't pan out this year. :( oh well, it was still an amazing christmas season. xoxoxoxoxo