Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Homecoming Parade and End of Football/Cheer Season for Aub

Aubrey had such a blast cheerleading this year! I'm so glad she was able to participate in a recreational cheer program. She was so cute dancing and cheering out there every Saturday. One of the highlights of the fall(I'm late posting this!) was the Homecoming Parade. She was so excited to get to cheer on a float and be part of it. They all looked so cute and we had fun shouting her name when we all saw her. My kids love the parade and all the candy that is thrown out to the spectators:) It was a fun and busy evening! 

Another first for her was that her and I made her a mum together(its a Texas thing yall:) A lady we know in the area held a mum-making "party" at her home and it was a lot of fun. I didn't know how to make one..and to purchase a good one is very expensive so this was way less money and way more personal and fun. I figured since Aubrey was cheering this year, she should have one(otherwise, forget it, pointless:) She wore it to school on mum day and wore it on the float(okay, half the time..it started getting thrashed unfortunately, but I repaired it because I will not make her another one any time soon:) 

At the end of cheer season was Cheer Fest where Aubrey's squad performed cheers and an awesome dance with stunts. It was so fun to watch her! Just Ella and I attended because we had other sick kids. But I video'd for Joey and everyone else to watch. We were impressed! They whole squad was amazing and Aubrey just shined with her awesome dance moves, pizzazz and smile. This girl has come a long way! I am so proud of her.

Enjoy parade pics!

 Some of the floats are pretty crazy for a small town parade! Small town spirit is the best :)

 Wesley loved the little football someone gave him.

And Ammon loved it too..but mostly he loved the lollipops :) He looks a little sick/off in this pic, but he was ok:) Just not the best pic.

 Finally, we get to see Miss Aubrey! Afterwards she said she had sooooooooooo much fun :)

Here she is with one of her best friends after Cheer Fest. The roses they are holding are from football players. Ooh la la. Each girl got a rose from a football player :) 

And here she is with her coach, Hillary. Hillary was amazing! She is also in our ward at church so we still get to see her lots :) Thanks for a fun season Hillary!
Wish I could post video of performance but its too long:( Oh well, just imagine them all jamming to "Applause" by Lady Gaga :)

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jOeY said...

i'm so proud of aub and how well she did with cheer. that girl never ceases to amaze me. :)