Monday, December 02, 2013

The Browns Came to Town

One of my favorite cousins(if not THE favorite), Julie, and six of her children came to visit us for a few days before Thanksgiving. My kids were so excited to have playmates come!! It was a great time, other than really crappy cold wet icy weather, but as you can see that didn't stop the kids from being outside and enjoying it. We had lots of hot cocoa:) I had fun hanging out with Julie and catching up on life while our kids ran amuck:) Besides playing in the backyard, making crazy faces and eating icicles, we also went iceskating...ventured out to Cicis for kid pizza heaven and also lit the firepit the last night and did hot dogs and s'mores. 

This is Brock. One of the sweetest little boys in the world. He even taught Ammon how to golf :)

 And one afternoon, when it wasn't quite as cold, Julie did stunts with th girls in our backyard. Julie used to be a cheer coach(and head cheerleader in highschool back in the day) So shes the real deal :) Aubrey was in heaven. And Ella had a blast too. And Julie's older boys were good sports and helped a ton:)

Woohoo!! No fear. You could never get me to do that. Ever :) 

Thanks guys for coming to visit! We had lots of fun with you!!

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