Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fun with cousins and Happy New Year!

Here are more pics from visiting Joey's side of the family. My kids love spending time with their cousins! Shelby and Cali are total besties. And Kai and Don are awesome cousins to all of our kids-they play with them and hang out with them and don't act like its uncool to hang out with all of us, despite the fact that our kids are much younger :) They are such good kids and we love them all dearly. What I can't believe is how much they are all growing. Seems like Shelby was just born! And I remember when I first met Don Roy and Kaikai:) They were so leetle, ages 1 and 3! And two of the cutest sweetest kids in the world. Don graduates HS this year, wha??! Anyways, I didn't have my camera out a ton on this trip but I managed to capture a few pics of some fun. 

Twinner Tinkerbell drinks! Courtesy of Tata after a shopping trip

We taught Don(and his cute girlfriend) how to play Peanuts :) Here is Ella teaching him..

 Ammon breaking in his new Innotab:)

Big bro showing lil bro how its done

 Ella balancing a bird on her nose

 Me knighting Kai the winner of our ugly shoe contest at the Navy Exchange. We were playing around trying on shoes and decided to make it a contest. Find the ugliest/funniest shoes and Joey and I give you a dollar. We are cool like that. He won with some hot pink stilettos. They weren't ugly but gave us the most laughter :) He rocked those heels! LOL. I thought we took pics but I can't find any. Blerg. You'll just have to use your imagination I guess.

We also spent an afternoon at a bounce house place. That was a riot. The older two boys were too old to jump but that didn't stop them from "accidentally" falling into one a few times and crawling around all stealth-like. Aubrey and Ella couldn't stop laughing :) The little kids had a great time getting out some energy since the weather was yucky outside(cold and wet!) It was the perfect place to go that day. We spent New Years Eve with them too. It was definitely eventful-the neighbors were blowing all kinds of stuff up. They had some serious fireworks over there. Joeys mom was about to have a heart attack:) While Joey just loved every minute of it. My lil pyro. We had yummy treats and sparkling cider. And of course games: more and more peanuts :) We rang in the New Year right! Thanks to both sides of the family for making our trip to CC a memorable one! And Happy New Year yall!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I love these people

While we were visiting my family in Corpus, my Mom finally got her wish: family pictures :) Joey brought down his camera, found a lovely little spot in my grandparents backyard, and we got em done(thanks also to my Mom's friend, Irene, for helping us to get the big family shots!) I think they turned out really nice. Its neat to see us all together in one big picture!!

  None of the boys are cooperating on this one :) Mine are looking at who knows what. And Crew is angry at Grandpa :)

And now Crew is angry at Aubrey. She likes to pinch babies. She's mean like that.

 Me, my sibs and my parents. I am the shortest. And the oldest of the five kids. Sigh.

The picture that captures us all. My favorite of the bunch. I smile every time I look at it. My sister and I are total crazies. Austin is in denial. Mark just stares at us like we are a bunch of dummies. And Taylor points to outer space. While my parents just smile and nod, just smile and nod. That's describes us pretty accurately.

 Me and my sibs. Not too bad lookin. Not shabby at all.

Oh, and we are also aliens. Thank you Joey for the awesome photo editing :) And for making it my wallpaper one night. Which scared the bejeebers outta me the next morning when I logged onto the computer.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas with the Grandparents

Just some various pictures of our spoiled rotten kids opening Christmas presents at their grandparents :) Isn't that what grandparents are for though? Yep, they are. Our kids are lucky and blessed to have amazing grandparents that love them so so much. We had a wonderful time visiting with each side of the family! The kids were lucky to be able to have 3 Christmas' this year.The first set of pics below are from Joey's parents house..

I have to caption this. So we have a "Buddy the Elf"(Elf on the Shelf) at our house and the kids know they aren't allowed to touch him or the "magic" will go away. So when we go to Nana & Tata's house, there is an old "retired" elf that Cali just thinks is so magical. And she gets super excited to see him because Nana says she is allowed to hold him since he is an old elf and no longer works. She holds him and treats him like he is a treasure. I know this little guy, Tinsel, will be something she will remember forever.

 Aubrey's faces never cease to amaze me. I am proud.

We bought each set of grandparents a special recordable storybook. We had the kids record their sweet little voices on each page reading. Its "The First Christmas" and it is so precious. Turned out so nice. I saw a few teary eyes :)

 Silly Wes

I LOVE Joe's face here. He loves his grandsons dearly.

  These pics are from my parents...Aubrey rockin a new chevron scarf.

This flutterbye provided lots of entertainment. She is a pretty cool toy! And scares me a little...if you haven't seen them in action, they fly and when you put your hand out and they are about to land, they trick ya and attack you. Okay, they actually fly back up. I keep thinking one is going to fly into my hair and get stuck though(ie attack)

 Ella finally owns a VB purse! She has just about every other VB accessory and was excited to have her own bag:)

Ammon got a Jake spyglass and has been spying on me ever since.

Good times! I love that we are able to spend most holidays with our family. We are further than I'd like to be but at least we are within driving distance which is a blessing! I love that my kids will grow up still having plenty of memories with them. But they'd have more if they would all just move up here :) So cmon people! ;)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Sunday

 Just some pics of my cute kids in their Christmas Sunday best in front of my parents house...and a little booger named Wesley that kept running away. :) Oh, and my tush.  Courtesy of Joey. The naughty photographer.

Don't he look proud? 

I made it smaller so as not to burn your eyes out. I know I probably shouldn't post it. But I think its funny he took this pic. And I like to keep it real yall.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The kids meeting the Crewster

My kids were more excited to go to Corpus than usual because they couldn't wait to meet their new cousin, Crew!!! He is so precious. He makes me baby hungry which sounds crazy I know ;)  As soon as we arrived, they all took turns holding him. Oh, and Joey too. I guess he hadn't met him either! Tara actually didn't panic too much about three kids holding him. I was proud of her :) Only one of the kids dropped him when she wasn't looking. But he barely cried. It was all good..haha. Keeding. Welcome to our family little Crew. We love you!

Ammon showing him his belly button? :)