Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A little stop at Zilker Park

On our way to Corpus for our Christmas time visit, Joey and I(on a whim) decided to stop off at one of our old favorite parks in Austin, Zilker Park. We lived in the Austin area for about a year and a half when we just had our two girlies and we miss so much of the nature and parks there! And fun funky restaurants and cool free things to do as a family. I also miss living there because we were SO much closer to family. We do love where we live, but the Austin area definitely had its benefits! Anyways, the weather was beautiful so we thought it'd be the perfect break on our trip down. And the kids had a great time getting out some energy. It was fun to introduce this park to our boys who had never been before...

You'll notice in some of these recent pics, poor little Ammon with a cottonball in his ear. He had an ear  infection that caused his ear to drip nonstop the week of was awful! He kept saying, "My ear is spilling again Mom!" Anyways, he did get better within a few days :)

You can't NOT take a picture on the fire truck :) 

I asked Ella what these pictures were about. She said they were fighting over a seal? I guess racing to it?

Oh, heres the seal. :) I guess Ammon won. Hahaha. :) jk

This sequence is the CUTEST. Such a good big sis. He was a little nervous walking on a decline:)

 We just saw these random parakeets. Pretty cool.
 I told the kids run, run, run, lets scare the birds! I'm mean to animals.
Mission accomplished.
 And just one more cute picture Joey took on our way back to our car :) These two look innocent....


jOeY said...

That was such a fun spontaneous stop along our journey. I really miss that park. So many good memories there.

Rick said...

Great pictures.. I thought blogging was dead. I'll have to keep an eye on this..and you.. do you see my two fingers going from my eyes to you ?

Unknown said...

Hey Dad, I blog too ya know! :) I love how beautiful these pictures are. I wish we had this cool of a park when we were kids. I mean, the swingset is cool and all, but it didn't have the wild parakeets. ;) And that sequence with Cali and Ammon boy are the sweetest!