Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas morning was awesome! The kids were good this year(I guess ;) Aubrey was excited to get a new bike-she is growing quick and looked pretty hilarious riding her old one with her knees just about hitting the Ella's favorite gifts were a ripstick and iceskates(that weren't delivered until the next week...poor Santa lost a few items in the ice storm...whoops;) Cali's favorites were a tummy stuffer(big pillow animal with a mouth that you can stuff stuff into) rainbow loom and a new watch. All the girls got rainbow looms(Ella wanted a second one to make super phat bracelets:) It was really sweet to see them all in Aubreys room that afternoon watching youtube how-to videos together and working together. Without fighting or arguing! It was a Christmas miracle!!! :) The boys scored a power wheels ford truck. Its pretty awesome and all five kids(okay, and maybe me too...) have been having fun riding it around the yard. And of course they got lots of other neat things to play with and enjoy together. One of my favorite gifts our family received from Santa was a karaoke machine. We've already had lots of fun singing and acting like crazies. Enjoy pictures from the kids magical morning! 

The scene

 I loved how long the boys chilled in this truck. You'll see many pics of them inside.

Happy faces

 Ella holding her IOU note from Santa :) She was super cool about it. Thankfully.

This may just be my favorite picture from the morning. Priceless. He loves him some candy.

 I love this picture too...just a natural smile..not posed. Pure joy. 

 The watch she wanted so bad! She had seen it in a magazine :) Now to learn to tell time...

 I'm including this picture because of Wesley's little happy face in the background. He is a riot. And a handful. ha.

 Just a sweet sister/brother moment I had to capture.

Thumbs up dude!

Gotta wear your helmet! Even while its in the package..

Cali holding her beautiful ornament she made Joey and I at school. We love it Cali! Thank you!

Girls jammin while the boys are chillin

 Enjoying some of their presents..

 Aubrey got a nice set of makeup and was giving makeovers that afternoon.
 Ready to rock and roll!

 A cute butt and a cute smile ;) 
Hope you had a Merry Christmas too!!!


Patty said...

I have the cutest grand kids! Love the pictures!!

Rick said...

Ammon has really cute expressions.. what a character

Unknown said...

How have I missed so many of your posts?! Eeek, I'm slacking over here. As I went through each photo, there were some I wanted to make comments on specifically. But now, I can't remember the photos that I had something to say about, lol. But I will say that looking at all of these photos just makes me smile and gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. I just love Christmas, and I especially loved seeing their sweet little faces on Christmas morning. That last pic of Wesley's little smile is the cutest! Miss ya'll