Thursday, January 02, 2014

Coloring himself to sleep

This might looks like an, "Oh, how sweet! He fell asleep while he was coloring" picture. Well, there is much more to the story :) He had gotten in big trouble and since Wesley was asleep in their room I stuck Ammon in my bed and told him to go to sleep and stormed out of the room(I'm so mean!). He cried and cried and then all was quiet. I went to check on him after a few minutes or so and this is what I found. He had dug into the church bag(the bag we take to church with all the crayons/books/toys that keep him occupied during sacrament meeting) and I guess decided to color. So here he is with crayon in hand. Asleep. He looks like an angel. But was far from it about 15 minutes prior ;)

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Tara D. said...

That explanation kinda makes it even cuter. :-) Sweet boy