Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fun with cousins and Happy New Year!

Here are more pics from visiting Joey's side of the family. My kids love spending time with their cousins! Shelby and Cali are total besties. And Kai and Don are awesome cousins to all of our kids-they play with them and hang out with them and don't act like its uncool to hang out with all of us, despite the fact that our kids are much younger :) They are such good kids and we love them all dearly. What I can't believe is how much they are all growing. Seems like Shelby was just born! And I remember when I first met Don Roy and Kaikai:) They were so leetle, ages 1 and 3! And two of the cutest sweetest kids in the world. Don graduates HS this year, wha??! Anyways, I didn't have my camera out a ton on this trip but I managed to capture a few pics of some fun. 

Twinner Tinkerbell drinks! Courtesy of Tata after a shopping trip

We taught Don(and his cute girlfriend) how to play Peanuts :) Here is Ella teaching him..

 Ammon breaking in his new Innotab:)

Big bro showing lil bro how its done

 Ella balancing a bird on her nose

 Me knighting Kai the winner of our ugly shoe contest at the Navy Exchange. We were playing around trying on shoes and decided to make it a contest. Find the ugliest/funniest shoes and Joey and I give you a dollar. We are cool like that. He won with some hot pink stilettos. They weren't ugly but gave us the most laughter :) He rocked those heels! LOL. I thought we took pics but I can't find any. Blerg. You'll just have to use your imagination I guess.

We also spent an afternoon at a bounce house place. That was a riot. The older two boys were too old to jump but that didn't stop them from "accidentally" falling into one a few times and crawling around all stealth-like. Aubrey and Ella couldn't stop laughing :) The little kids had a great time getting out some energy since the weather was yucky outside(cold and wet!) It was the perfect place to go that day. We spent New Years Eve with them too. It was definitely eventful-the neighbors were blowing all kinds of stuff up. They had some serious fireworks over there. Joeys mom was about to have a heart attack:) While Joey just loved every minute of it. My lil pyro. We had yummy treats and sparkling cider. And of course games: more and more peanuts :) We rang in the New Year right! Thanks to both sides of the family for making our trip to CC a memorable one! And Happy New Year yall!

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Tara D. said...

It's too bad you didn't take pictures of Kai in those heels; imagining it makes me laugh. :) Sounds like you rocked it out for New Year's! You party animal, you