Sunday, January 05, 2014

School Christmas Parties

So weird and sad that Aubrey has grown out of the "holiday" parties at school that I enjoy attending :( But I still got lots of littles to enjoy lots of kiddie parties with so its all good. Its just weird still that she is almost in real middle school! Yikesies.

So the last day of school before the break Joey and I both were able to go to Ella & Cali's elementary school to attend their parties. Joey had the day off actually which was awesome. Cali's party was so cute..they made snow globes and snow men and had races to see who could dress up their partner as a snowman the fastest. They made snow. It was a snow themed party in case you couldn't guess ;) Ella's was a little more "grown up" as they played Bunco for prizes. I've heard of Bunco and ladies getting together to play that and always wondered how you played it. Now I know. Looks like fun! I might just round up a few ladies for Bunco night myself :) Both girls had a great last day and were excited that both parents could actually come and be part of it.

Is it just me or does Cali look way grown up in this shot?

 Her cute lil marshmallow snow man :)

 Love from lil bro..maybe a lil too much love. lol

 This part cracked me up. Cali had originally drawn the card that said she would have to be the snow man. I saw the look of terror in her face and thought, uh oh-she ain't gonna do that. Thankfully one of the moms that was helping(and also a friend of mine) told her she could switch with her daughter. She could tell Cali was not comfortable with that and I was relieved she made it no big deal to switch:) So Cali dodged the snow man bullet, haha. She is a silly girls who enjoys attention..but not all the time..and gets embarrassed easily. She was thrilled to get to be the snow man maker instead.

 Two handsome dudes

 Bunco! Ella shares a table with her BFF Caitlyn..and next to her is also her friend Shelomi. Who I can't resist sharing is Deion Sanders daughter. Yep, Deion is our best friend. His mansion is behind our neighborhood :) Okay, I've never met him. But the rest is true. :)

Serious Bunco girls
Ella was BEYOND thrilled with this prize. She is slightly highlighter obsessed and she got a whole tube of different colored highlighters. She also is rainbow loom obsessed. And mini hand sanitizer obsessed. And hairstyle obsessed(she did her own cute little sidebun there:) I love how she has found lots of things to love.

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Unknown said...

I remember those school parties as a kid. Such fond memories that I'm sure your little ones will remember too. Cali does look a lot older in that top picture. Pretty soon they'll all be grown up. :(