Friday, January 17, 2014

The kids meeting the Crewster

My kids were more excited to go to Corpus than usual because they couldn't wait to meet their new cousin, Crew!!! He is so precious. He makes me baby hungry which sounds crazy I know ;)  As soon as we arrived, they all took turns holding him. Oh, and Joey too. I guess he hadn't met him either! Tara actually didn't panic too much about three kids holding him. I was proud of her :) Only one of the kids dropped him when she wasn't looking. But he barely cried. It was all good..haha. Keeding. Welcome to our family little Crew. We love you!

Ammon showing him his belly button? :)


jOeY said...

It was fun getting to hold the little guy! It's cool to have more grand kids in the mix now. :)

Unknown said...

Cute pictures! It was a sweet moment for me when the kids were able to meet Crew for the first time (and Joey too!). Hopefully we'll get to visit real soon!! He looks so little in those pictures; he really has grown quite a bit.