Monday, February 17, 2014

Elementary school fun

Okay, so I just dumped my phone pics onto the computer and stumbled across a few oldies but goodies(that I have to share!!) These pictures were from the was "groovy day" on the first two pics of my lil girls. We just happened to have shirts with peace signs(and fabric belts for their heads) so we were set. The last two collages I had posted on Instagram of their Thanksgiving Feasts(they were on separate days). We didn't eat the turkey meals...Ella requested Taco Bell...and Cali requested Whataburger. Thats how we roll :) It was fuh-reezing cold the day we visited Cali! And raining. I thought I might die. But we lived. Trying to get all their food and the boys from the car to the building was quite the feat. But worth it to see the girls smiling faces as we walked in :) Its fun having kiddos at this age and getting to still be part of lots of events and activities.

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Tara D. said...

This is such a cute idea- the groovy day at school! Good times...Ammon looks a wee bit chilly in the last photo grid, hahahaha. You're such a good mama, getting out in the cold and rain to make your kiddos happy. :) I hope I can be half the mommy you are to them. You're amazing! :)