Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ft Worth Stockyards..where Cali was in heaven with a goat she named "Cutie"

We have lived in the DFW area for almost 8 years now. And we had never checked out the stockyards! People kept telling us about it and we kept meaning to check it out and it just never happened. Welp,  we finally went :) The weather was amazing one Saturday so we loaded up the troops and drove about an hour to get there. We first went to the petting zoo where Cali didn't want to leave this adorable sweet little goat. She kept feeding him and petting him forever. She told us his name was "cutie" because he was cute :) Ammon was diggin him too. Wesley liked cutie but not the other larger animals. He would slightly freak if we got too close to a llama or camel.  We then lined the main street for the cattle drive. It was really cool! Not as many cattle as I had imagined, but still, cool.  Then Joey took the girls to try the cattle pen maze while the boys and I hung out. We ended up going to a balloon man where Ammon was made some longhorns out of balloons. He felt super awesome wearing that horn hat thing the rest of the day :) We took some railroad track pics(and I took a pic of my family in jail...then I left them there...and laughed) JK:) We walked around and checked out more stuff and then ended our night with a trip to Uno Pizzeria in downtown Ft. Worth. It was SO GOOD. The kids were even able to make their own pizzas there. It was a fun family day together! I was a little sad to not get to eat at Joe T. Garcia's as I've heard they have the best Mexican(Tex Mex I'm sure) food in the area. But of course kids always want pizza:) I told Joey him and I will have to make a little trip to Ft. Worth soon...just the two of us.

And once again, Wesley, aka booger, would not cooperate for pics...enjoy :)

And then of course when he smiles perfectly, Ammon is getting covered up. Taking a group shot of five kids is like wrestling a rabid animal. You will never win. You just go crazy in the end.

I had to include this because, well, you can see why...I should caption this, "Ew Wesley just farted!"

See my boot as I try to make a run for it. It was me running back and forth putting said booger down and begging him to sit and smile:)

This one is the only decent one where you can see all of their faces! We tried.

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Tara D. said...

I never went to the Stockyards, either. Looks like fun! :) And those photos...I was laughing pretty hard. Aye Wesley!!! LOL And of course your captions make it even better. You funny. ;)