Sunday, March 30, 2014

Crew in the house!

As you know from my previous posts, my mom and sisters family came to town over Spring Break! I was so happy they came!!! We enjoyed hanging out with everyone. I appreciate so much that they took the time/money/energy to do that. It gave us all something to look forward to. We especially loved having Crew here(no offense to everyone else, but cmon babies are the best!!!) It was so fun to hold him and watch him smile. He is getting so big and so cute and becoming so much more interactive. The kids and all of us just adore him. I still can't believe my sister has a baby sometimes! I love it. I think she gets me more now :) Or not. ;) Here are just a few pics of her little cutie when they were here...

Ammon getting ready to hold a gerbil, er, I mean Crew :) It was so funny how he put his little hands out!!

 Ammon excited! Crew not so excited...

You can tell Ammon really loves him, so sweet. Crew still isn't so sure about this :)

 Mama and baby

 The smolder


 I think this picture is PRECIOUS!! He looks like a little angel!!! This is my favorite.

I'm trying really hard to get him to smile. Finally, a lil somethin!

Oh yeah, he loves me now.


I already can't wait till #6 ;) Okay, I can. #5 is being a booger lately! But it was fun to be auntie for a couple of days. Miss that boy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We hadn't been to Medieval times in over five years so it was a totally new experience for three of the kids! They were pretty excited when we told them where we were going that night. As we pulled up Ammon was really excited when he saw the castle. He and Cali just kept whoa-ing :) and saying "A real castle!"  

And it was made ten times more fun with my mom and sis with us! My sister acted so hilarious..made the night THAT much more special :) The other knights cheering sections had NOTHIN on us! We were coming up with all kinds of crap to say about the other knights :) It was so fun. I hadn't laughed that hard in awhile. "You stink!" "Your knights hair color is the color of poo!" "Your horse looks like a zebra!" People probably thought we were drunk. Drunk on love, thats all. Love for our black and gold knight...who lost. Boo! He was the runner up though :)

Sorry Joey that the pics of you didn't turn out so good. He was taking the pics with the good camera. I was using my crappy phone camera. But here he is, the birthday boy with his lil knight:)

 Pics of the scene

 Every time I look at this one, I laugh. She is having a super-dee-duper time.

Grammon. That would be Grandma and Ammon. 

Just a glimpse of how we were acting that night...

Me and my Wesley. He was very entertained that night and really good(especially for how long the show is and how late in the evening it was!) He cheered and clapped. It was adorable. 

 Two beauties waiting for the show

 Our knight, the studliest one there. Even if he was a loser. Man! He was so close.

Ammon wasn't sure what to think :) He and Cali were both pretty serious sometimes! Hahaha, they probably thought someone was really about to die. ;) Cali knew it was pretend but she still couldn't help getting very anxious and squealing sometimes when our knight was fighting. It was so funny!

 Okay, so the second dude from the left was our server. He was so goofy and fun. Here he is as a flagholder...when we realized he was our special server we called out to him and cheered for him. He then he looked over and grinned like we made his day :) Or he is just smiling and internally wishing we would just shut up.  Probably the latter....

Hey, look its Kip from Napoleon Dynamite. 

Surprised about something! :) Even with crusty boogers, this baby is cute. You only think that about your own. Baby that is. Not boogers. Mine are gross.

Don't mess with the hammer(Tara). Or you gonna get pounded. I can't remember what was going on here but I'm assuming she was throwing out fightin words at the opponents :) Or about to punch me.

 Our knight threw me a  flower!

 Tara and her flower. The server was in love with her and gave it to her ;) And she broke it. Which I believe broke his heart.

Ella was excited to get a flower too! Her sisters might have been a smidge jelly. 

 Afterwards the kids got some souvies. Ammon and Wesley got some wooden swords(that have the words "not for play, for display only") Um, okay, Who is going to buy a sword and not play with it?! So yeah, we let them duke it out. Supervised, mind you... 

 And Cali wanted a picture beside the princess. Two princesses, but I think the one on the left is cuter :)
It was a really fun night. Medieval Times is seriously expensive but worth it once every 5-10 years or so to make these kind of memories!! I mean how often do you get to watch knights in battle and eat with your hands in stands cheering and feeling all medievalish! Nevah!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Joey's 37th!

Someone had a birthday.. and his name is Jo-way! Okay, not sure why I typed that. It was fun to say. And it kinda rhymed. Anyways, Joey's birthday fell during Spring Break(as usual it seems, lucky! :) so all the kids were home and even my mom and sister's family were here visiting which made it extra fun. He started off the day with a few holes of golf, then we had lunch and sang him the birthday song and devoured two chocolate cakes and icecream(Had to feed a large group. I did one with a strawberry filling even, it was darn good if I say so myself :) We did a Superman theme since, well, he IS Superman :) We had fun as you can see with silly pictures. The kids made him all kinds of sweet gifts. My Mom/Dad and Tara/Arthur also spoiled him. And me, well, I told him to go and buy the camera of his dreams :) He deserves it gosh darnit! He recently started doing photography on the side again and though his old camera is a good one, he had been expressing his desires for a better one. He has been having fun learning it and playing around with it. Come May, he has some more family photo/senior pictures sessions lined up. Hes excited to put it to professional use :) That night for dinner we surprised the kids and took everyone to Medieval Times which we hadn't done in years. That'll be the next post!  It was a fun day celebrating a superman, superhubs, superdad! Super in every way :) I love you Joey!!!!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Leetle old lady

On the 100th day of school, the new idea is to have the younger elementary kids dress up like a 100 year old. I love it! I dug through closets and found Cali the perfect little ensemble. She wouldn't wear the glasses to school(they were Aubreys prescription glasses anyways so that was fine with me;) but I thought they'd be perfect for some photos. I thought she was adorable! And hilarious. The last picture is the best facial expression ever. I think it might pretty much sum up the life of a 100 old lady. Pain and discomfort in that 100 year old bod. :) And she also had to make a poster with 100 things attached to it. I came up with this idea on my own y'all. No pinterest. My brain. I was proud :) It was fun making it with her. Cali said all the kids thought it was really really cool. Score :)