Saturday, March 15, 2014

A church building!!!! Hallelujah.

So where we live right now, we have to drive to another city to attend church meetings. It isn't cool y'all. So when we found out our town was getting a church building I nearly wet myself with excitement. And not only in our town, two minutes away from our house! Can you say score?! Ahhh, I'm so happy. Church is such a big part of our lives so having one so close will be a huge blessing(especially for those early morning seminary years). We are there Sundays and Wednesdays(at least!) each week. So excited. We were able to attend the groundbreaking ceremony not too long ago. It was a very special experience to be able to attend. The first picture below was taken during what to me, was a spiritual moment. It was quiet and the sky up above was just beautiful. It was the morning and the sun was just starting to rise. I felt the spirit strong even though I could barely hear what was being said(the wind was crazy). We were all gathered as saints together to witness this special event of the groundbreaking of the first LDS church building in our community. I felt unity and happiness. And it was wonderful to know how much the church is growing, especially in the North Dallas area. Its exploding! But yeah, it was very cold. And very windy. The kids survived it and were even more happy we attended when they saw the cakes :) They enjoyed that!

Members of our Stake Presidency along with town councilmen breaking ground

The older girls enjoying the celebratory cake :)

 Our family diggin up some ground :)

President Dotter: aka best photobomber ever. :) Whats funny is that I had no idea he did that until I looked at our camera later!

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Tara D. said...

LOL at President Dotter! :) What a neat experience to have had and to be a part of something so special.