Monday, March 24, 2014

Joey's 37th!

Someone had a birthday.. and his name is Jo-way! Okay, not sure why I typed that. It was fun to say. And it kinda rhymed. Anyways, Joey's birthday fell during Spring Break(as usual it seems, lucky! :) so all the kids were home and even my mom and sister's family were here visiting which made it extra fun. He started off the day with a few holes of golf, then we had lunch and sang him the birthday song and devoured two chocolate cakes and icecream(Had to feed a large group. I did one with a strawberry filling even, it was darn good if I say so myself :) We did a Superman theme since, well, he IS Superman :) We had fun as you can see with silly pictures. The kids made him all kinds of sweet gifts. My Mom/Dad and Tara/Arthur also spoiled him. And me, well, I told him to go and buy the camera of his dreams :) He deserves it gosh darnit! He recently started doing photography on the side again and though his old camera is a good one, he had been expressing his desires for a better one. He has been having fun learning it and playing around with it. Come May, he has some more family photo/senior pictures sessions lined up. Hes excited to put it to professional use :) That night for dinner we surprised the kids and took everyone to Medieval Times which we hadn't done in years. That'll be the next post!  It was a fun day celebrating a superman, superhubs, superdad! Super in every way :) I love you Joey!!!!!

I'll let the pictures do the talking. 


jOeY said...

Thanks for all your hard work that day. It was the best birfday eva! It's awesome to be married to Wonder Woman BTW.

Tara D. said...

It was a fun day; we were happy to celebrate it with Joey! Happy birthday again, Joey!!! :) The cake really was yummy! I'm salivating just thinking of it. Oh, sorry about that Crew; I call that payback.