Wednesday, March 05, 2014

More snow day pics

These are also from my phone. Some random pics from our snow week fun months ago :) 

A beautiful snow drift

 Icicle bench

 Pro snowboarder, Wes

Girls and their friends getting pulled by one of those car things(I don't know what those are called, atvs?)

Getting to ride in it with our neighbor. They will never forget that!

 Cute girls!

Boys playing in their spaceship. This was the perfect hangout during the week. This was a birthday gift my sweet friend Emily bought Ammon back in September. We hadn't assembled it yet and it was perfect to bust out this week! They had pillows and blankets inside and had so much fun. All of the kids:) Not just the littles...and okay, I got inside too.

The casualty from sledding. Ella actually taped the handle back on for me. But just this past week it totally broke off again. I guess I'll go buy a new one. Sniff sniff. It served me well for about 13 years! It held many a clean undie.

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Tara D. said...

...and perhaps a dirty undie or two?? LOL
I just wish it would snow down here; that's something I miss from living in N TX. :( You caught some beautiful pictures with the camera. Fun stuff!