Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Enjoy pics of our lovely Valentine's Day! During the day I babysat a couple of sweet girls for a friend of mine. Ammon was able to experience his very first Valentine exchange with his little friend, Anna. He was so happy as you can see! They are good friends :) And he may or may not have said he wants to marry her someday(after of course he said he wanted to marry me first, which he says all the time and I love! :) I tell him well, Mommy already is married to Daddy and then he'll say, "I'll marry you again. Go get yer clothes on Mom!"(he means wedding dress) The other day I was trying to explain it more and then he was trying to come up with other people to marry, he said "Tara?" LOL. Your the runner up sis!! Then I said well someone your age probably, then he finally thought of little miss Anna :) So funny the conversations you have with a three year old. 

My friend Pam and her girls recently paid us a visit from our old city and when they came over(just a few days before Valentines) they brought over this adorable little icecube tray. So cute, had to share :) I think its from IKEA.

 And here we are at our annual mac Grill dinner. It was a wonderful wonderful meal. I'm so blessed to have such good well behaved kids! Not every time we go out turns out great(Wesley still likes to shriek and Cali and Ammon are quite the duo sometimes:) but this evening was perfect! I told the kids that was a great gift!

Me and my studmuffin. I love no one more than him. And will FOREVER. I'm a blessed gal.

Beautiful tulips from above stud. I love Valentine's Day. I don't get caught up in all the gifty expensive stuff, its just to me a day to show the people you love a little extra love and to make some memories. And look at pretty flowers.


Tara D. said...

Funny boy! It's so cute how he thought to marry me next. Guess he loves me or something, lol. :) You're so lucky to be able to get out all seven of ya and have a good time together. Those kids are so well-behaved. And tulips- I LOVE tulips. So perdy!

Tara D. said...

Oh and I love that picture of Ammon; he's such a sweet little guy!!! Just wanna smother that boy with kisses