Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Aubrey in Seussical Jr.

 So Aubrey did something very brave-she tried out for the school musical! She has no theater experience and has never sang in front of an audience...so to try out was really huge! (And if you remember shy little Aubrey as a child, I still can't believe it! She didn't even like people to look at her!) As part of tryouts she had to memorize and sing several lines of a song and perform it in front of the theater and music teachers and the other students trying out. She also had to read lines and do some acting as well. I was so nervous for her! There were lots of kids trying out so I wasn't sure if she would get a part, even though I knew she had it in her and does have a good singing voice. After the first round of tryouts, they posted the "call backs" and she made the list. She was beyond happy and couldn't believe it! After the second round, she found out that she made the part of one of the bird girls for the play(its a group of several girls that sing and dance throughout the show, they were so cute and fun!) It was an awesome experience for Aubrey. She looooved rehearsals. We figured out the other day that she spent over 40 hours in rehearsals. It was a lot of work but she just loved every minute of it. She loved the theater and music directors and all the kids involved. There were three different shows that we took turns attending with the kids(without Wesley-you can't take a raptor to a show:) The first show I was able to go to with Ella and Ammon. Joey picked out flowers for Ammon to give to Aubrey after the show. It was so cute :) Joey went with Cali the next day and then Ella and I attended the final show that evening(there were also two shows the following week for elementary schools..Aubrey had to miss the final show due to being really though...so SO sad, especially because it was going to be for Ella's school/grade! They were both bummed. Oh well. Life sometimes...). I loved watching her up there. And the show was so great! Everyone did a fantastic job. Watching her do this was one of those moments as a mom where you just feel so proud. And I loved seeing her so happy and confident up there. She is growing into such a beautiful bright young lady and I'm so proud of her and her many talents. This will be an experience she will never forget!


Tara D. said...

I'm so proud of her too. Just yesterday I was watching videos of little Aubrey, and it's so crazy to see how much she's grown. She's such a wonderful young lady. This is one of the many times I wish I lived closer. I bet she was fantastic!

Tara D. said...

Also wanted to say how sweet it was for Joey to buy Ammon flowers for Aubrey. Sweet pictures! :)

jOeY said...

i'm so proud of her too. I would never be able to do that. she is becoming quite brave and talented these days.