Saturday, April 05, 2014

Cali is 7!!!!

Someone had a birthday! Our baby girl, Cali girl :) She decided that she wanted her big party for this year to be a surprise. And surprised her we did :) I used to think people that did this sort of thing were crazy or ridiculous. Well, I guess we are crazy now. Okay: we rented a pony y'all. In my defense, we only do parties every other year, so when we do them we do them right :) The cost of renting a pony was barely more than a party at a place or renting bounce houses, etc. And it was worth every penny! Cali loves horses, loves ponies, loves unicorns. Anything with hooves. Oh wait, not really. She hates goats. Wait, do they have hooves?Ugh, I don't know. Its late ;) Hahaha. Scratch that. But yeah, anything in the pony category, she is ALL OVER. We invited several of her little friends from church, school and the neighborhood to enjoy her pony themed party. We provided "horse feed" snacks...played pin the tail on the pony(Aubrey and Ella made the game themselves and it was perfect! Aubrey drew the pony picture and Ella created the tails out of yarn.) While they were playing the game, the people/company with the pony(and also 3 little bunnies..I thought it'd be good to have other animals for the kids to play with that were waiting to ride the pony, it was perfect!) were setting things up in the backyard and bringing the pony out back. We then lined them up and I got the video camera ready. When Cali came out, the smile was priceless :) She ran over to the pony and immediately was petting him and was up on his back in less than a minute :) It was SO CUTE!!! All the kids were just in love with the pony and the sweet little bunnies. Between the animals and just playing on our playgrounds, the kids had a really fun time. Our backyard was full of little girl giggles. Oh, and Wesley squeals(and screams...he did NOT want to ride on the pony as you will see in the pictures:) After all of the outdoor fun, the kids came in for cake, ice cream and present opening. Aubrey decorated the cake for me(I had injured myself the week before...that's another post...argg) and did a fantastic job with it. We had found an idea for a horse cake in a cookbook we have and she rocked it!  I really appreciate all the help that Joey and the older girls gave me for this party. I could not have done this without them! I had a hard time walking still :( They saved me and saved the party!! 

Cali, we are so happy you had such a great birthday! You are one special little lady. You have a giant heart and a tender soul. You can brighten a room with your radiant smile. You think of others feelings and always want to help(you are an especially great helper in the kitchen for your mommy!). You are also a friendly girl that can make a friend in two seconds flat. You are artistic and love to draw pictures and make cards for others. You've also got some pretty mean dance moves and booty shakes that sometimes I have to tell you to tone down ;) You make us laugh. LOTS. We love you Cali and are so grateful you are part of our family! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


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Unknown said...

So glad she had such a wonderful time at her birthday party. You're so cool to get her a pony and bunnies. LOL at the booty shakes comment, too. :) She's a firecracker, that Cali. Always makes me smile. Happy birthday sweet Cali; we love you lots!