Friday, April 11, 2014

My shopping posse

I truly enjoy going grocery shopping with these two adorable boys. They make the experience more enjoyable because they are usually so so good and so cute(I constantly get comments from people on how adorable they are or how big and brown their beautiful eyes are). Ammon brings his own grocery list sometimes too. And the other day he discovered riding on the front(between me and the handle standing...not on the I have just about run over Cali doing that before, lol) He told me as he was laughing, "Mom this is crazy!!" as we zoomed around the aisles. It was also the first thing he told his sisters about when we picked them up from school :) This picture above was taken on a cold day(a VERY cold day!) and so they left their little hats on for most of the visit. When you squeeze the bottom, it makes the little animals hands/ears pop up. So stinkin cute! Everyone that walked by smiled or commented. It was a Costco shopping day with Daddy-we do that monthly and its always fun. Lots of free samples! We count it as lunch ;) Sometimes its easier to go to the store without the kiddos..but every time I do, I miss these guys so much when I see other moms with their kids! Crazy huh? I think to myself, someday I'm not going to have little ones to make grocery shopping more "lively." It'll just be me. All the time. Sure, its quicker. Sure, I'm not rummaging through my purse/bag the entire time trying to find things to make Wesley happy. Sure I'm not getting the grocery list ripped out of my hand repetitively for one hour.. and ripped to shreds(thank you Wesley). But it makes me sad to imagine not having them with me, even if it is more work some visits. They are growing so fast. 90% of the time our trips are perfect. But sometimes not so :) But even on those grocery shopping trips where I want to gouge out my right eye(thanks to Wesley grabbing items out of the cart and chucking them..or him screaming..or Ammon begging for candy or whatever he sees that he wants), I think to myself, someday I'm gonna miss this, every bit of it :)

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Tara D. said...

Aw, how sweet! And of course people are gonna smile and comment on their cuteness, they're absolutely adorable. You'd be crazy not to. So, question, why not gouge out your left eye? What's so special about this right eye of yours??? :)