Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Six Flags!!!!

Because we are cool parents(hehe), we decided to surprise the kids one morning with a trip to Six Flags! It was even a school morning. Yep, we bad :) I just told Joey one day, we need to go and do something fun together as a family(And I suggested a theme park as I could possibly become preggers in the next little while, who knows. We might as well party it up while we can!) So that morning we said, you're not going to school...they looked at us, like what? And when we told them why, they couldn't believe it. It was so fun to surprise them :)

The weather was beautiful, perfection. And the crowds were low. We barely had to wait for any ride! It was such a great day. We had the most fun there we've ever had and seriously had one of the most fun days we've had ever in the history of theme parks(except for the end...which I'll get to). There were so many rides we could experience together. I was surprised! And it was fun how we have some older ones that will go on a little bit bigger rides now(nothing crazy, we are all cowards except Joey:) but still, we did way more than in years past. Watching Ammon experience his very first roller coaster was awesome. He was really excited, then once it really got going, he looked pretty serious:) When we asked him if he liked it, he said, yes. And I think he might have even wanted to go again and did? He didn't love it, but he liked it enough :) He actually went on one that was even longer/bigger  later(the mini mine train) and I was so proud of him! On that one he said he liked it but didn't want to go again :) Cali also went on her first non-kiddie coaster, so that was a big deal! She did the Runaway Mine Train which is a pretty good coaster. Joey went with her and I was nervous she might not like it..but she was smiling BIG when she got off and couldn't wait to go on it again! She likes speed, that one :) The favorite for most of the kids was the log ride. Who doesn't like going down a hollowed out log on a waterfall? :) We all went on that one, even Wesley. He wasn't phased. It was hilarious! He was like, whatev.  He seemed most bothered by the drops of water that flew in his face. 

We had a huge monumental thing happen on this trip. Cali actually walked up to a costumed character(which she has had a phobia of this year, like MAJORLY) and took pics with several! IT was good ole Porky Pig that did the trick. We saw him from afar and she almost flipped. Then I said, look how small and cute that character is! He is so little Cali, I think hes smaller than most characters ;) Then I saw her size him up and realize he was a little shorter than some. That gave her some courage. And she went for it. She doesn't like how big they are. I mean, she was screaming and running like a madwoman just last month over a character she saw somewhere. She had regressed in a major way like that(I mean, when we did Disneyworld two years ago she was afraid of some of them, but it wasn't bad at all) This was beyond scared. It was sad! Especially how old she is. But this trip to Six Flags helped her so much. We were so happy to see her happy. Its tough to see your child so scared of something, to see them out of control like that and not know how to fix it :(  So hooray for Cali! We were so proud of her. And Ella went on a BIG roller coaster-Judge Roy Scream. She is a brave soul sometimes...but I don't think she loved it:) She didn't cry or anything but you could tell it was much faster than she expected! I'm glad my kids are braver than I am :) 

Right before the park closed, Aubrey, Ella and I decided to go on one more ride together. We chose La Vibora. BIG MISTAKE. I had been on this before, but they hadn't. I couldn't remember much about it but I obviously didn't love it or I would've remembered it better(we actually hadn't been to Six Flags in over 5 years). I kinda remembered thinking it was rougher than I thought it would be from the looks of it. Its sorta like a bobsled that goes down a slide with lots of turns and drops. Anyways, Aubrey was pretty nervous about it but decided to go anyways(and it ended up being her very favorite ride so that makes me happy!). Well, what happened was a big bump. It was at the bottom of a steep drop. It lifted me up and slammed me down. SO hard. So hard that I could barely see straight the pain was so intense on my poor tailbone. I slammed it good(the girls were fine, I was sitting at the back and sidenote: I have hurt my tailbone in the past and so its very sensitive. Its never been the same since). I could barely get out of the ride when it was over. I could barely walk to the car. It ended up being a serious injury :( I never went to a doctor but I'm 99% sure I fractured it as I couldn't even walk without severe pain for weeks. I am actually typing this several weeks later and I'm finally living a normal life again. It was one of the worst experiences of my life to endure :( The pain was so intense and I'm allergic to all anti-inflammatory medication. I had little relief. I couldn't pick up my babies :( I couldn't bend over barely. I hurt to sit, stand, lay down, etc. Everything hurt. I cried a lot. And there were days when I thought, what if this doesn't ever go away? Thats how it started to feel. And I became very depressed. I was grateful to people who found out and brought meals...brought treats...helped Joey with a blessing...gave my kids rides home from school. I couldn't have survived without that. But mostly, I'm grateful for Joey who took off several days from work because I couldn't care for my little ones. It was trying for me and him both. I'm so grateful that his blessing helped me and that I have healed. I feel it every now and then still, but its nothing compared to what it was. It sounds like a silly injury, I mean, I did kid about breaking my butt a lot :) But it wasn't a laughing matter at all, I was suffering bad. I just know now to be very careful about rides! I'm actually scared to go on a ride again :( Ahh, it sucks that Six Flags ended like that. But, the bright side was that at least we didn't go on that ride first and ruin the whole day! It was a wonderful day. Until that ride :) I learned through that experience to be extra grateful every day to just have a body that works. That its a privilege to be able to fold laundry without pain or unload the dishwasher. Or rock my babies to sleep. The little things you take for granted. I was so happy the first day I was able to pick up Wesley again. So so happy. I cried. Its crazy how just about every part of your body is connected to your tailbone. It really is! Trials do make you stronger and teach you so much. We wouldn't grow without them. I learned a lot from this experience, who really loves me out there...and how grateful I should be each day that I'm without pain or suffering. You forget to be grateful for that when things are going good...thats why we are here on Earth. To learn and grow. I just wish it didn't have to hurt so much sometimes! :) Anyways, enjoy the pics of our fun fun day! Before I broke my bootay...

Ammon said this was his favorite ride. His face tells you so...

Ammon's first roller coaster ride!

Hip hip hooray for Cali! The pig that changed her life.

 Lunch break!

Wesley LOVED this! Perfect for him.

He needed time to run around so luckily there was a playground for him to stretch his legs a bit...

 The Six Flags tea cups :) Disneys are cuter, but this was still fun!

 This was Cali's fave...I think we went on it at least five times!

Don't you love the people in the front...totally posing for our picture! Hahaha. Something Tara and I would can kinda see me in the back with Aubrey and Ella.

Joey with Ammon on the Mini Mine Train
 He survived! But "I not want go again" :)

Riding the train. The boys loved this. Since boys love trains :)
I can't wait to go back. And I can assure you I won't let the Vibora bite me in the butt again. 

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Tara D. said...

So glad the kiddos were able to skip school and have some fun at Six Flags! Love all the photos, especially the adorable smiles of those kids' faces. Yay for Cali in overcoming her fear of costumed characters!! Sorry bout yer butt. Glad you're doing so much better; wish I could've been closer to help you out when you needed it. :( Miss y'all!