Monday, April 14, 2014

Wesley's 18 month old pics

So mid February, Wesley hit 18 months! That means two things: 1...he can now go to church nursery now(can I get a "oh yeah!?") 2...he is truly no longer a baby, a total toddler! Sniff sniff. This boy is hilarious. And all over the place. And wants to climb everything. And wants to balance on everything(he is going to be a skateboarder or snowboarder like his Daddy for sure!). I am constantly pulling him off the kitchen table. Off the drawers in his room. Out of toy boxes that he likes to climb into and then can't get out of. Off and out of everything:) He is the busiest kid we've had. He is also just plain funny. He does things to be funny just to get reactions from us. He is starting to make silly faces to get his siblings to laugh. He has the CUTEST smile and giggle. He is getting to that cute phase where he will do little hand motions to songs, like Popcorn Popping or Twinkle Twinkle little star. He still doesn't say a whole lot, prefers shrieking unfortunately, but he has learned a few new words like ball and book. And he has gotten better with his thankyous...daydoo is starting to sound more like dankoo:) Hahaha. Its what he says sweetly when he sees something he wants. He thanks you in advance. He is polite like that ;) He is quite fearless and will go down slides our other kids might not have at this age. He has bonked his head quite a few times thanks to his fearlessness too. When you see him, you will probably see a bruise somewhere:) He is also super duper cuddly and loving. He loves to give hugs and kisses. If he sees one of his siblings hurt and crying he will come right over and lay his little head on them and rub them softly. He has a huge heart. I can also manipulate him:) Hahaha. If I need him to come to me for a diaper change, he will take off running at first. But if I make a sad face and ask him again(looking as pitiful and sad as I can), he will turn right around and come to me and give me a big hug first and then lets me change him. He doesn't want to make me sad-its so sweet! We love you Wesley boy aka bubs! Though you have given me a few heart attacks, I love your fearless personality and your sweet soft cuddles.Your the perfect mix of sweet and crazy:) I don't know what I'd do without you, my beautiful adorable baby boy...

Can he get any cuter? We make the cutest kids. Seriously. The cutest. I mean look at him! And look at those expressive little eyebrows..hes always had them :)

 Not sure what he is doing here, but its hilarious.

 I think he saw a bird or a plane. I can't remember ;)

Adorable with a capital A. Love this face!

I am one blessed Mama. Thanks Joey for capturing him so perfectly in pictures! I love that our front yard makes a nice little backdrop too :)


Aubrey Lydiksen said...

What a sweet boy! So adorable :)

Tara D. said...

Just perfection! I love how these photos turned out; he's such a cutie. Awesome photos, Joey!