Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And this is part 2. ME.

After bugging me and bugging me to take my pics, one evening I finally said yes. Joey was laughing and laughing at all of my faces(he even complimented me at my talent of expressions, thanks, it is my only talent yall) It was actually a fun evening. I am way more comfortable acting like a nut job than actually smiling, so most of these are crazy pics. Basically, these pics are me. If you want to get to know me, just scroll down. I am warning you though, some of these are scary. Very scary. And now you can see why this blog is called Silly Mommy. I am a very silly person/almost clinically crazy.

 Starting off slightly normal.

 Here is where they start to get good.

And the claws come out.

 This was Joey's favorite silly one...he set this as his wallpaper for awhile...I actually scared myself turning the computer on one day.

 I should be an actress. I really should.

 Becoming a hamster.

This evening was a gas.
I hope this was the best post of your life.


Unknown said...

I can't stop giggling over here! My favorite one that had me rolling was the one of you crying. It put me over the edge! These are just awesome. You made my day!!! :-)

Unknown said...

It's still funny even weeks later, hahahahahaha. Anyhoo, I need more blog posts. ;)