Friday, May 02, 2014

Easters 2014

Once again, there was a chance for rain on Easter weekend(If you remember last years post, my kids were running through an ocean on Easter morning. A muddy ocean of eggs.) This year I seriously prayed that we could have a nice Easter morning and enjoy our beautiful huge yard. And thankfully it didn't rain that night/morning! It rained that day, but in the evening. So yessss! My kids enjoyed a beautiful morning of egg hunting! This was Wesley's first year to actually hunt. He was so cute. Every time he'd pick up an egg, he'd hold it up to his leetle ear and give it a shake :) And after a few eggs, he was like, people, I'm eating this stuff. He managed to open an egg himself and was eating candy with the wrapper still on. I think this is a rite of passage into becoming a kid. Every toddler has to have chewed candy with the wrapper still on it :) They've all done it! Ella found the "big red egg" with a dollar in it so she was stoked. Cali found an egg(candy filled, not bird filled:) that was actually in a nest and was pretty wowed by that. One tricky Easter Bunny :) That is the picture below where Aubrey is trying to lift her up somewhat successfully ;) Ammon is at the best age for this stuff. When he woke up, he could barely contain himself and said(excitedly), "I'm so excited!" a couple of times. And he hunted like a pro along with Cali. They were both having so much fun. And Aubrey is now at that age where she is pretty much too old to be doing this, but still wants to, and still does. Anything for candy, people :) It was a fun morning filled with sleepy faces, funny pjs, laughter, excitement and then a quick breakfast, lets get dressed and off to church! We had our good friends over for dinner that afternoon/evening, the Champions. And I'll post about that visit next. Good times.

 The best picture of the five of them in our attempt to take a group shot after the hunt...

And these two I have to share because, well, they are awesome. Cali sneezing. And Wesley shoving candy into his mouth. And Ammon belly dancing. While Aubrey and Ella just smile away :)

Happy Easters to all!

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Unknown said...

LOL at those last two shots! Classic!! And I laughed when I saw Aubrey's attempt at picking up Cali, too. :) I love how excited the kids get, especially how you described how excited Ammon was. So cute to picture it. You have such beautiful kids, and the photos just captured some really sweet moments. LOVE LOVE LOVE