Saturday, June 14, 2014

A great 2013-2014 school year

Here are the girls with their end of school year awards! We love each of you and are so proud of your many accomplishments!

Aubrey was chosen by not just one, but two teachers as their student of the year! Just to get picked once is amazing so for her to shine as the one out of hundreds in two different teachers pool of classrooms was pretty wow! She was chosen by her Science and Art teachers. Its not just based on grades but by example. She shines:) She also got on the Principal's Honor Roll for having straight As all year long(and I will also note that I didn't see a grade of less than 97 on any report card...and she is taking advanced GT classes even. So smart!) We are so proud of her for her grades and for her example of friendliness and kindness to all. Such a good girl!!! I cant' believe she'll be in REAL middle school next year. Yikesies. Oh, and if you are wondering about the fish..its from her science teacher..her award for being his student of the year:) She got to carry it home with her--hahaha. So funny to pick her up from school carrying a fish. The principal was laughing as she tried to cram it in:)

As I said in my last post, Ella had a great academic year too! She won first place on the UIL Spelling mostly A's...was the most organized little 4th grader that probably has ever existed:) ...and was a star at the school talent show. She also got all advanced scores on the STAAR test. Woot woot. She had hard times with friends, but survived it all. I was proud of her for keeping her chin up and for trying to resolve problems. I told her trials make us stronger and none of us live without them. She just has to conquer them! She forgave and moved on..we were proud of her. So lets all pray that next year is better in that department! Middle School here we come. . .we love you sweet girl!

Cali has become a wonderful little reader this year! She is very speedy and is also great at comprehending. She struggled with Math and there were some tough times, but she is not giving up! We've been working on it this summer. Her teacher said she was a great student, always kind to others and respectful(yea!). She got a friendly student award even:) Cali is the type of kid that can just go and play with anyone. She is super fun and spazzy. The life of the party:) Sometimes maybe too :) We love you Cali and are proud of you and your accomplishments this year. But most of all, for being a good friend!  There were many times she would tell us about kids not being nice and how she would stand up for other kids. Thats our girl.

She decided she was done taking pictures...


jOeY said...

I'm so proud of my girls and all of their accomplishments this past school year.

Tara D. said...

I can't get over how smart and talented each one of those girls is. Seriously, they're so awesome! Love you girlies!!