Monday, June 09, 2014

Ella ends the year with a bang!

Ella had two wonderful events at the end of the school year. First, as you can see pictured above, she made it into the school talent show! She did an awesome poi ball routine decked in her island style gear. Almost 100 acts tried out and only 25 were selected so it was HUGE!  I was so happy she made it and so happy she did so well. With poi balls, it can be tricky. Once they get tangled, it can really throw you off. Not a single tangle(her mommy's prayers were answered:) And she had her famous Ella smile throughout the whole song. She was so cute. We were so proud of her!

Also, and I don't have a picture of her with her medal(maybe its on my phone..these days its getting harder to blog because I have pics in lots of places to find!)..but she made it on the UIL spelling team. And not only that, but she tied for first place at the school district meet!!! She totally deserved it as she(and I:) practiced for weeks.

It was a great end to a somewhat tough year for her. Girl drama. That kind of stuff made her count down the days till elementary school was over(which made me so sad). Heres to hoping this next school year brings new friends for her. She'll be at a new campus(the lower middle school) where there will be lots more I'm hoping for a new variety of faces:) Mean girls just aren't cool to be around :(

I'm just so glad that she had these last couple of events to end her time at elementary school right! We love you Ella!


jOeY said...

Gosh i was so nervous for her. i'm so proud of you ella bella!

Tara D. said...

Ella is such a great kid! So glad she entered and earned a spot in the school's talent show. I knew she'd do great!! :) Here's to a better year this year. May all those mean girls poop their pants in public!