Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Family Vacation Pics: Part 1(Independence, Liberty, Far West, Adam Ondi Ahman)

I'm going to have to probably divide this into four or more posts  if I want to share all of the pics I want to! Its crazy the amount of pics we take! So, this summer we wanted to plan a big trip for our family. Its one of our big years where I'm not pregnant or nursing so we wanted to go on a big road trip somewhere. At first we were planning on California. We love visiting California! Joey's sisters family is there, Disneyland, the beach, perfect weather, and then a visit to Utah is a must on that trip too..but then we found out about my Grandma and my mom planning a church history trip to Nauvoo. I felt really strongly that we should join them on this trip(anyone was invited! It ended up being us, my mom, my Grandma, my Aunt Cindy and my Aunt Joy. Poor Joey. All women;) It was a great trip. We learned so much and our testimonies of the gospel grew. And we had fun! Wesley was a terd for parts of it, but all in all, a good trip:) Haha. I had never seen these LDS Church historical sites in my life and had always wanted to. We spent the first part of our trip in Missouri at Liberty Jail, Independence Visitors Center, Far West and Adam Ondi Ahman. Wow. My favorite place was surprisingly Far West. There was something so SO peaceful about that place. Its definitely a special place. Liberty Jail really brought the experience to life for me. I didn't realize the conditions Joseph Smith and the others were in during that time, how cold it was, how their food was barely edible, how they couldn't even stand up fully. Just so sad. The kids really enjoyed running around Adam Ondi Ahman. They went down this hill to this big grassy area with Joey and my aunts for half an hour and just had a great time getting out some energy(long car rides that day so they needed it). I stayed uphill at the lookout with my Grandma and had some nice conversation with her. I learned about some more of her memories as a child that made me smile. She told a funny lil story where she remembers going to a carnival as a child and how she isn't sure why but how she bit the bottom of the icecream cone she had and the icecream started falling out of it. She laughed remembering it and laughed more as she remembered her mother saying, "Well, why did you do that?" And she really didn't know why! It was just cute :) This was a big part of the reason I wanted to go on this trip. I wanted to spend more time with my Grandma and I wanted my kids to have some memories with her. As she gets older, we really don't know how much longer we'll have her here with us. It was neat going to Adam Ondi Ahman and picturing what the future will be like are my favorite pics from these stops on our first leg of our trip...and I'm not captioning...its taken me hours just to go through these pics and narrow them down from over 1000 to 100! :) And enjoy some cute pics of the boys in the cool claw foot tub at our cabin...they are tasteful so don't worry ;)

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Tara D. said...

I'm glad you all got to spend time with the family and visit many church history sites. Lucky! And that story of the carnival/ ice cream was so cute. :) Love the Harry and the Hendersons photo...I'm sure you know the one. Those bathtub pictures had me cracking up. They both had some crazy hilarious faces.