Sunday, July 27, 2014

Family Vacation Pics: Part 2(Carthage, Nauvoo)

The second day of our trip we were also able to visit Carthage Jail, where the prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were martyred. Joey and I both agreed that our favorite part of that visit was the vignette before our tour. Young missionaries with amazing musical and acting abilities sang songs telling the story of the time of their death and the impact it had on the Saints. I really felt the Spirit strong there. Sadly on our actual tour of the jail, Wesley made it impossible to hear anything and so Joey and I took turns missing parts of it. I was so disappointed :( But hey, thats the life with a toddler. I know we'll go back again in a few years, so hopefully by then all of our kids will cooperate :)  I know that my older girls were listening and learning throughout and that they will never forget this experience though! Once we arrived in Nauvoo, we did a few things, ate, explored our cabin and that night Joey and I took off while the kids were sleeping(with my fam there) for a nighttime photo shoot of the temple. It was my first time to see it and I was surprised at how tall it was. It was wow. Just glowing and massive! The next morning we visited lots of the fun shops of Nauvoo(living center was a favorite as well as the cultural hall() and also the Smith Family cemetery, Nauvoo House, red brick store and others. There were so many places to hit I can't even remember it all! We bought the kids the famous bottled root beer that I believe was Emma's recipe at the brick store. We also stopped at a shop where my mom treated us to swirly colorful yummy icecream cones! Thanks Mom! That evening we ate at the Hotel Nauvoo for their dinner buffet. It was tasty! It was a fun full day!

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Tara D. said...

One day I will have to go. I bet it was an awesome experience to be there. Love all of the pictures. Lots of wonderful memories made.