Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy Father's Day Joey!

We love this man right here. He is the rock of our family. He takes care of us. He loves us. He makes us laugh. He comforts and protects us. We hope he felt spoiled on his special day this year! We had the traditional fruit and nutella crepe breakfast..and for dinner Aubrey helped me make a big homemade meal, meatloaf, potatoes and biscuits. Chocolate bundt cake for dessert(that Cali helped me make).Well, at least we fed him well :) I think the backrub at the end of the day was a bit chaotic though. Not as relaxing as it was when we had two or three kids...what, with Wesley launching himself off his rear, kids arguing about where they get to rub, etc. I think it may have ended with Joey getting headache... good times ;)

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Tara D. said...

You did good when you married Joey, Holly. He really is a great person, always making everyone laugh too. :) All that food looks sooooo good! What's a Father's Day without a headache from the kids!?