Monday, August 25, 2014

Laura came to visit!!

So Laura and I were talking on the phone not long ago about how it had been forever since we'd seen each other. 3 years to be exact :( I had really been missing her lately seeing as that a lot of my so-called friends have seemed to just think I've dropped off the face of the planet since I moved a whole 8 minutes further away :/ I found out who my true friends were thats for sure. Makes me sad ...Thats a rant I just should keep to myself though ;) And I need to just focus on making new friends in this new area, but so far, its been hard. I've made several friends but no one I'm super close to. Sigh. I'm trying though. Its funny how even when you grow up and become an adult, you can still feel like a teenager in high school. You still desire friends and to be liked and accepted by others. Its hard not to. And its not whats most important to me in my life-at all. I have a wonderful hubs and the best kids a mom could ask for. But you still always have that need for sisterhood and friendship. And Laura, well, shes always been there. Through it all. BFFs for evs!!! We met in the 5th grade, became best friends in 6th grade and have been buddies ever since. We have one of those rare friendships, the kind where even if you haven't talked in a long time or seen each other, its like you've never been apart. I'm so blessed to have her in my life. I love you Laura!!! And I hope you move to Texas soon!! :) Okay, enough mushy girl stuff ;) Later that day(after the phone call) she texted me asking if I was free in a couple of weeks..I said yes, and well, she got a ticket to come down! I was SO EXCITED!! It was such a fun surprise. I really needed this and I think she did too. No one besides my sis makes me laugh as hard as Laura does. We had some much needed "girl time" and just chilled with the kiddos. We did get to spend a part of one Saturday shopping and eating, just her and I (I took her to one of my favorite spots, Gloria's-it didn't disappoint!). We also did many crazy pics at places(Puma and Nike Outlet and good ole Wal-Mart) that I hope you enjoy...we also did a girls night out with my daughters and I'm not sure where the pics from that night are, darnit! Maybe Laura took them with her camera...anyways, we pigged out at the cheesecake factory :) Good times!! Its always a partay when she is around. Thanks for coming Laura! And thanks Peter(her hubs) for letting her and watching the kids so she could come!!! And thanks Joey for letting us have a Saturday to ourselves without the kids! We got some great guys :)

Finished stuffing our faces at Gloria's. They make one mean chimi. And their service is always amazing.

 Crazy pics at the outlets. Some say we are creative. Some say we are crazies. I say we are both.

This picture idea was genius. Good job Laura. I am impressed.

So I got down here for a picture and Joey called me..I answered it and had a brief conversation with him. And creeped some people out. And scared a few in the process. It was the best.

Something about Laura's face in this one makes me laugh. Like the dude running in front of her just farted or something. Or maybe she just did?

 Don't ask. It looks like a weird butt pat. It was supposed to look like a spank. I didn't quite capture the moment the way I had hoped...sigh...

 Our best imitations.

Getting cuddly with Big Bird. She actually put her mouth on this thing. I think she really does love him.

 Laura misses Blue Bell ever since she moved to Utah. So she really gets into it when she eats it ;) Just one more reason to move back here someday...

Laura and the winner of CLR, Cali! Laura brought us this super fun game involving dice and candy. It is a hit at our house. Thanks!!!

One morning we took the kids to the park. Cali got stuck in a swing. Sisters tried to get her out. Laura ended up being the champion that actually got her out...but I had to take a picture of the girls sad attempt. Lol. I'm mean.

Just a cute picture of Ammon. And a creepy one of Laura. I love how my kids all warmed up to her in about  2 minutes. Seriously. They are shy sometimes(especially Wesley lately with strangers) but she is so fun they were laughing and playing with her almost immediately! I tell them she is pretty much  an Aunt :)

 Wal-Mart pics. The funny ones are of Laura. The stupid ones are me.

 I loved it when somebody walked by during this picture.  The look on their faces was gold. Gold I tell you.

 Rabid dogs

 Swim party at Laura's place!

 Ole! Don't you love my napkin blindfold behind my sunglasses?

Oh, and one evening we went to Five Below just to shop for junk. Aubrey found this funny sign. We almost bought it. Almost. And Laura tried it later. She sadly reports no rainbows in her poop. I'm devastated.
And I know we took pics of her the last day with all the kids but I'm not sure where they are! Ack! We have too many cameras...Anyways, hope you enjoyed the pics I did post! We are two nutsos that will always know how to have fun!! :)



Such a needed and wonderful VA CAY! The Duenas casa knows how to
PART AY! Not sure how I feel about you posting some of those pics;( like the ice cream one (I look psychotic, but I guess I'm a little nuts about bluebell!) Anyway I will send you my photos of the trip, Sorry I never did. Love you all very much and thanks again for the fabulous time!

jOeY said...

You ladies crack me up all the time. So fun to think that the two of you are moms of a million kids but yet you two still have an awesome sense of humor.

BTW, "And thanks Joey for letting us have a Saturday to ourselves without the kids! We got some great guys :)" That was not the point of Saturday.

Unknown said...

Glad you guys were able to hang out; the visit made for some lovely photos, indeed. :) You two ladies are crazy, but put the two of you guys together and it's mayhem! The good kind, of course. lol