Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tennis Star, Cali

Cali started up tennis lessons last Spring...and guess what? She LOVES it. I finally have a kid loving this sport! Aubrey and Ella both gave it a whirl in their younger years but didn't take to it the way Cali has. They liked it but didn't love it so it fizzled. Anyways, I'm so excited! I'm excited not only because its a sport I love and enjoy, but I love that Cali has finally found something she is truly having fun with. She never got bored of it like she did with gymnastics and dance class. She was excited for every lesson! Over the summer, we put her in a little tennis camp too. She did spectacular-you should see her backhand! We are so proud of her and so happy she has found something that makes her happy too :) I hope she sticks with this so she can be our little tennis star.

And isn't this little tennis dress seriously cute? Clearance rack at Academy baby...

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Unknown said...

She is just the cutest in that tennis outfit; love the colors! Happy she's found a sport she loves, too. Yay!