Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Cube Life

Welcome to Joey's home away from home :) Can you tell he likes Yoda? 

And here he is with Ella playing some foosball at the office. One day I took her to iceskating and I didn't realize the rink was closed(and its near his work) so we just hopped over and paid him a little visit. He is the best dad and stopped what he was doing to hang out with us for a bit and even play a game with his little girl :)

And here we are: the whole gangaroo. It was the last week of summer so we came to visit him at work and then all went to Schlotzsky's for lunch. 
I hate that he has to work in this teeny cube all day long, but heck, you can fit 7(and a half;) of us in there so I guess it ain't too bad....;) Someday he'll have his own actual office. I just know it.  He has climbed the ladder at work because he is so smart, creative and a hard worker. I know he'll keep on climbing and reach all of his goals. He'll get that office! :) We love you so much Joey/Daddy and appreciate all of your hard work for us every day! We know its tough and you do it because you love us and are a good provider for us.  We have been so blessed. You are the best hubby and hardworker ever. xoxo

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Unknown said...

That is one seriously decked out cubicle! Lol! So awesome! ! I bet he was really happy to have his family swing by to visit.