Friday, September 12, 2014

1st Day of School 2014

Summer seemed to fly by this year, but I think when it was time for school to start up again, it was perfect timing. We had done lots of fun things this summer together. Fun travels, fun time at home,  puzzles, crafts, tv, movies, LOTS of reading, some swimming,  perler beads, splash pads, fun with friends, the list could go on. I think everyone was ready to get back on a schedule(though I am missing my babysitters! It was so nice to have them home to help play with the boys and babysit for errands and grocery runs! ;) I had a lot of anxieties for them starting school though...and they had some too. Aubrey and Ella both started school at new campuses. Aubrey is now in the "real" middle school and Ella is now out of elementary. Its just crazy. And Cali is solo at Elementary! Three schools. Aye. Aubrey was nervous because two good friends were no longer going to be at her school (decided to homeschool). Ella was nervous because of lots of changes(having to learn how to deal with lockers and lots of classes). Cali was nervous, well, okay, I wouldn't say nervous..I would say she just doesn't really love school and all that work :) She just wants to stay home. Who can blame her though? I am pretty awesome, hahaha. jk. I said lots of prayers throughout their first day and thankfully they all came home with good reports of a great first day. Phew. And so far, so good. New friends and lots of fun and learning. No complaints!(yet anyways;) Yea!!! I hope they have a wonderful year!!! Miss you girls!!


Unknown said...

So glad all went well and continues to do so. They all looked so beautiful on their first days.

jOeY said...

These ladies are little heart breakers. They all looked so cute that morning.