Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ammon is FOUR!

I can't believe my little guy is 4! He's officially "preschool age" which is just crazy. I mean, he won't officially start preschool until next year since he has a September birthday, but still. He isn't in that "toddler 2-3 age" bracket anymore. Our little guy is growing up! So, as I've posted, Ammon is my sweetheart. He is always complimentary, especially to his Mommy :) I know someday he won't say these things to me so I treasure every little sentence. He tells me "Mommy, you are my special girl." "You are beautiful" "You are my best friend" all the time. He seriously melts me. He even blesses "all the girls" at prayers and says "they are beautiful." I think we are raising him right :) He is a gentleman. He truly means it and isn't just saying it(well, okay, he has used it against me when hes been in trouble a couple of times and okay, maybe it has worked...) I love how he says certain words right now as he is still learning some vocab. When he says backyard, he says "backyawd." He calls his hero, Superman, "Suiterman" and can't wait to be him for Halloween. About a week after his 4th bday he finally mastered potty training(took ya long enough dude! :) and the deal was that he could have his halloween costume and wear it around the house. And wear it he does! :) Suiterman can be flying around fighting crime many days at our house. He also says "nuff-ting" instead of nothing and sayss mazagine instead of magazine(I think Ella did that too!). We can already tell he is VERY smart. He can write his name and not just write it but write it very well. Like in a straight line perfectly. He can write all of our names actually. He knows all of the letters and numbers up to 20. Recognizes the letters and knows their sounds. He can even read a few small words and pretends to read books by using his finger and running them across the lines of a book. Its so cute. He can also add(low numbers:) I think hes amazing! He also has found a new love: coloring. He will literally sit at the dining table for hours coloring. And he doesn't scribble. he stays in the lines perfectly. He is a very meticulous detail oriented little boy. Reminds us of Aubrey in a LOT of ways. Anyways, just a little bit about what this little boy has been up to. I don't know what I'd do without this boy! 

Here are pictures from his special day. It was on Labor Day so we were all home all day which was great! When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said, "Go to the mall to ride the train, horses, play area and eat" so that we did. The train was extra special to him because I've never let them ride it there before. Its pricey and one of those things where once we do it on a regular shopping day, they'll expect it every time. I'm mean like that I guess. So I told him, sure! Since its your birthday! (So they haven't asked since;) Hahaha. After we had our Sonic and Chick Fil A lunch at the food court, we came home for a Lego Movie Party, just the 7 of us. I had fun constructing his Lego cake. Its nothing compared to the cakes I saw on Pinterest, but he thought it was awesome:) Cuz everything is awesome...

 I love these smiles of pure excitement!

 Here is Wes ready to smack someone. He was angry. Angry that he didn't get that cool lego straw cup! Poor kid :)

Man, I can't get over his handsomeness...

 Took him only two blows to get the candles out. Good job lil buddy! :)

When I was with him in the baking aisle of the store, he saw this rainbow cake mix and wanted it. It turned out yummy and looked really cool!

Finally, a happy face from Wesley :) Just give him sugar...

While he was waiting for me to bring out the gifts, Aubrey did a puppet show with a monkey my sis Tara bought Wes for his birthday. They LOVE that monkey! It has brought lots of laughter.


Look closely and you will see Ammon opening Cali's gift. They are happy. Wesley is not. Its about to get ugly...

Aaaaand, there ya have it. Angry and threatening to hit something...while Ammon and Cali are oblivious, lol. He wanted to open presents too. Or have them all. Either. Its hard to be two! :)

 Hugging his sweet sisters who all spoiled him with toys, candy and homemade cards/gifts. 

 Now, this is funny. He got some Star Wars books from his grandparents which he has spent hours looking through with Wesley. A couple of the pages have some creepy characters though...

 Best pic ever.

And last but not least, we got him a new bike! A real one! :) Its Spider Man and supah fly. He rode it around the house for awhile before taking it outside.

And here are a few pics from our fun mall day. Here is that train, that train that taunts all parents when you visit the mall...we finally gave in y'all :)

The play area. Its my bribery tool when we go to the mall usually. Its also where we pick up the cold and flu each year I'm sure ;)

I'm 4!

 Lunch and carousel!

It was a wonderful day celebrating our sweet little Ammon boy! We love you so much!! Happy Birthday!

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Unknown said...

He's such a special little man. He is soooo smart; I'm not surprised at how advanced he is. Geniusness runs in the family. I mean, his aunt Tara...nuff said. I'm so genius, I make up my own words.
Those pictures of sweet Ammon boy were just precious. I seriously "awwww'd" at most of them, laughed at the others. Aye Wesley boy. ;)